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Misery in the shower

Does anyone else have the problem I have in the shower, It is quite a small bathroom and the bath was correspondingly small,, so I decided to have a shower installed. I wanted to keep my bath, so it was fitted over it, The trouble is it’s quite narrow and the curtain will cling to me, no  matter how close I get to the wall it billows over and plasters its cold plastic to my wet body. It’s not nice. So I’m asking does anyone [if this is read] know of a curtain that will hang still, before I do a Janet Leigh [Psycho]


  1. Sorry to reply so late, but this has only just shown. Thank heaven my showering experience isn’t as bad as yours though, Brrrrrrrrrrrr, Though I do shower in the evening as the sun is round that way, it is way too cold in the morning, but it beats a bath in front of the fire. LOL

  2. I used to! Cold soggy shower curtain wrapping itself all around nice warm clean body…horrendous! Now we have a shower cubicle with no curtains! The hard water here is forever clogging up shower head though causing it to spray water everywhere but the body it was intended for!

    • I bet the bathroom is like a swimming pool by the time you are finished, and it must be a bit chilly in winter, Brrrr. nice to see you and thank you for your comment. X

      • Oh yes Arlene! You could have a whole aquarium in there by the time I’ve finished lol 😉 Something like how it can be after bathing a reluctant dog in there!! It’s even more worrying just now as the lock is playing up and the door wings wide open at the most inappropriate moments 😉 In winter there are icicles in the shower head lol and the swimming pool in the bathroom becomes a skating rink!!! 🙂

  3. message left

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