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The pain of posting

Is it any wonder that the Post Office is complaining about losing money, I had a friend’s birthday coming up and was a bit late in sending a card, two days before it. , so I decided to go out early to catch the first pick up, or so I thought, Now I normally just pop the card in a box and think no more of it. I saw the tie of pick up was 5.15 pm , so decided to drive the couple of miles further on to the sorting office. I gave the card to the clerk and he pointed out that the letter was a bit thick for a normal 2nd class stamp, He demo’d putting it through he slot thing and it was about 1mm too thick., he suggested if I put another stamp on it would cover the cost.,   I didn’t have my purse so couldn’t buy another stamp right then, on the way back home I stopped at the newsagent to buy a stamp, BUT…. they didn’t sell the singly only in books and I didn’t have enough small change in the car, this shop by the way used to be a post office ! The lady behind the counter was sympathetic to my predicament and bless her, gave me a stamp from her own purse and wouldn’t accept any payment, How kind is that. Hopefully my friend got ther card on time, her birthday was to-day but haven’t heard anything.

I cost me over £1 to send the card. I’d made it [my new hobby] and there were some flowers with a pearl in the middle and that was what raised up the height. .

I’m thinking of doing a new Blog to show off my cards. P1010421


  1. Mag's Corner

    That is a very pretty card. Cards that one makes are so much more special I think that ones purchased from a store. Hugs

    • Ah, thank you Mags so kind of you to say so and to come on here again, I do have a couple of loyal friends, I’ve started a new blog

  2. Hi Arlene 🙂 You had fun and games with the postal service! Nothing unusual about that! But I love your card, it’s beautiful and it’s a great idea to start a blog to show them off 🙂 I’d love to see more of your lovely designs 🙂
    Wrap up warm! Cold weather’s here! I know you love that but you must enjoy it with lots of nice warm, cosy layers of clothing and a big bobble hat on! 🙂

    • Hi Wolfie, I replied to this, but for some reason the reply hasn’t shown up !! The weather has indeed turned cold and I have given thought to digging out the gloves and woolly hats, sigh, I got soaked to the skin yesterday walking the dogs, and my coat is still drying out, another sigh, ! I find the idea of a new blog enticing, though I don’t expect to get any folowers, but it’s nice to do it for oneself, I would rather do it in blogspot as they are better for ‘dressing up’ your blog, WordPress is a bit restrictive, but I’ll keep you posted.

  3. Hello Sheila, thank you for your comment, it is lovely therapy card making, a bit like knitting or playing piano,if you don’t have to do it to make a living it’s quite therapeutic.
    I haven’t long come back from my daughter for lunch and am full to bursting. Watching Monsoon and . thinking about bed, though it’s way too early. Checking out FB in a mo. bye and thanks again XX

  4. Oh pretty card, my friend from Surrey always makes me a wonderful Birthday card . We write put pen to paper, and she always makes her own notelets .
    Yes it seems the norm now Arlene 5-30pm collection.! I have indeed come a cropper many times.
    A post good to see you here, take and have a good weekend.
    Sheila xx

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