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Monthly Archives: November, 2014


The School of Psychology, Harvard University, recently conducted a public survey called “What really do you see?” People were asked to focus their attention on a very simple picture, and then asked if they had noticed anything odd. Now, you have the chance to take part in this survey.  Study the picture for 1 minute; …

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A window of fine weather

As the title says a window of fine weather to-day, though a bit of damp in the air it was sunny. A nice walk along the beach for starters, There was a fine mist shrouding the Isle of Wight making it look quite mysterious and lovely. Washed the bedding but a waste of time putting …

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Sign of cold weather

One of the signs of the approach of the colder weather is when I get the itch to have soup. It’s been nagging me for a few days, I raided the freezer to see if there was any, but no, all gone, so I thought to myself, accept it gal, the days of salad  are over, …

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A lovely morning walk

Just some photos of to-day’s walk 9.30 am [Sunday I think] Looking west towards Hengistbury Head with some water skiers   Zak caught in the act of having a wee Zak coming to tell me to hurry Looking East towards IOW  

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The pain of posting

Is it any wonder that the Post Office is complaining about losing money, I had a friend’s birthday coming up and was a bit late in sending a card, two days before it. , so I decided to go out early to catch the first pick up, or so I thought, Now I normally just …

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