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A little dabble in the garden

The weather has been ‘iffy’ lately as mentioned, well to-day we had a little window of dry weather, I had some dog towels to wash, so I got them out of the way and put them on the line to dry, that was a waste of time , there was no sun nor wind, and they just hung there in the slightly chill atmosphere, oh well I put the heating on for an hour to help dry them.

I digress, this was about gardeing. I did manage to get a couple of hours just tidying up and pruning, cleared out some pots of spent flowers, I also harvested some seeds form Marigolds and Nigella, hopefully to sow next year..

The Cotoneaster has gone a bit wild and was sprouting in all directions, so I tidied that up, I also get besieged with St John’s wort, that got pulled out of chopped off, but it’ll come back. My sage bush ‘Hot Lips’ has exploded and flowered for the wecond time, I’m not sure when to prune it, I’ll have to look that up’

I noticed that my beautiful Azelea was looking a bit dry and brown, and sure as apples when I bent a branch it snapped, I think I’ve lost it, maybe I let it get too dry during the drought, what a shame as they’re not cheap and it was a lovely orange and copper.

I stopped at 3.30 for tea and cake and the dog’s to have their biccies, intending to go back out as there is still a good bit to do, but I’m afraid I went to check my email and before I knew it it was time to take the dogs out, oh well hopefully the weather will be kind to me soon. that’s it for now.


  1. Nearing to the end of October Arlene , less to do in the garden. Parts are looking a bit untidy and weary. Misty here today started off fine though. A lot of rain is due by Friday.
    Hope you keep it going here.
    Hugs Sheila x

    • Hi Sheila Weather here has been wonderful, but is apparently going to change, Think I’ll do a post, thanks for calling. Take care hugs to Lucy X

  2. I’m back! I have a billion email notifications to work through but I do have a shiny new connection and so far it’s looking good 🙂

  3. Wishing you luck with the weather Arlene its been terrible!

    • Hi Wolfie, so you are still in Blogland, so few are, I hardly expect a comment any more and am surprised and pleased to receive yours, I hoe you are doing OK still working and thriving.
      Yes the weather is just so ‘iffy’ lately though the storms have subsided, it’s just damp and miserable, real graveyard type weather,Take care

      • Just grabbing the brief window of time I can get a connection…Through bad weather is killing my connections both on mobiles and laptops making getting into blogland a nightmare of impossibility! Through only one that works is needed for updates and can’t be used for blogging too with only 500megabytes monthly. A lot of people are losing their landline internet service for various reasons so I hear and its taking weeks to get up and running which may account for slow down in blogging world. I will be back to your other posts asap and for now am just visiting as many posts as possible when i can get online. big backlog! Wolfie hugs 🙂

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