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Swallows an Swifts and things.

Out for a walk to the beach this morning with dogs, now that it’s free parking till March we all take advantage unless the weather is too evil. This morning was dull and a touch of keenness in the wind, however well wrapped up and time to spare we toddled off for just over an hour.

I thought the Swallows and Martens had gone for the summer,, but no there were lots skimming along the beach picking off insects then soaring up into the sky, they were still feeding young as you could see them touch beaks as they flew past. They are so illusive, one minute there’s not one in sight then, zip, one goes soaring past and when you look up there’s several more, then they just seem to disappear up into the pine trees. I just love them. Swifts are my favourite, that beautiful scimitar economical shape, just built for the job, unfortunately they’ve been very sparse down here on the coast. I saw a few in the summer over by the airport, but as I was driving and you can’t stop, I couldn’t get the full appreciation.

There were lots of crows on the beach, making the most of the debris washed up on shore with the high tide and rough weather. Amazing survivors.  I was making for home just as there was a spit in the air, No gardening to-day either sigh.

Oh well that’s it for now



  1. Oh dear Wolfie, things don’t seem to have got any better for you since we last communicated, Leaky rood, dodgy internet, oh dear, Never mind as they say things can only get better.
    It has turned really chilly to-day after last night’s storm and to-day’s gale force winds, I think we CAN say good bye to summer for another few months, sob, sob, and wail .
    The dogs are still going strong, people can’t believe Zak is12, he is so active and lively, A few weeks ago he got bitten on the eyelid, mozzie or something, it swelled up and abcessed, it was a real mess for almost a month, but all back to normal now, Ruby doesn’t change, but is a little easier around people now, Holby is just starting so I’m saying Bye for now, and thanks for your loyalty.

  2. I want the summer back Arlene! It’s much better admiring the birdlife in the sun whilst getting a lovely suntan! Today was the first time we’ve seen blue skies and a hint of sunshine for days and days…and days…and days….and….!! At least the ceiling outside my room has stopped leaking temporarily till the next onslaught of rain…maybe I will have a day or two of not tripping over the bucket and knocking it all over the floor I was trying to keep dry, on the way in/out of my room! Have just bought a new internet connection device which so far seems to be working well….it’s only had one hour test so far but hey! Optimisim is the spice of life!! The original one wouldn’t connect even today with the much improved weather so I conclude it’s on it’s last legs – can’t complain it’s been very good – 5 years useage is a pretty good run! Only thing is that it won’t let me disconnect from the internet if I want to nip downstairs for a quick cuppa. I have to remove the whole device….right now I’m wary of doing that in case it doesn’t work when I put it back in! Silly or what?!! Get a grip Wolfie!!
    Wolfie hugs and roll on summer! x

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