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Just catching up

Hi, well after some glorious weather for the past week or two, it has finally changed., this morning was quiet cloudy, and despite the weather forecast that it would be brighter with possible rain late afternoon it started at 3o.clock, OK I know it’s mid afternoon, but I had spent the whole morning, after the dog walk , clearing out the garden shed which I had been putting off as it was too warm for energetic work, So I decided to-day was just right. I was getting really into the swing of discarding ‘junk’ when the dogs barked and there at the gate was a long lost friend. I put on a brave face and invited him in for a cuppa conscious of the fact I hadn’t tidied up and I looked a mess. Not that he was bothered, as it was my retired mechanic with whom I contacted for help in finding me an honest garage for my car’s service. 

Anyhow he only stayed about 3/4 hour so I got stuck back in, The job was finished at 2.30 with the shed looking absolutely tickety boo.  Junk was all stacked up to take to the local tip, but first I had some lunch, Then it RAINED, damn and blast, so I had to run out and cover up the stuff as there were three container buckets full plus old carpet etc, etc, If only I hadn’t had a visitor I could have got shot of it all. and they give out HEAVY rain to-morrow, grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. To add insult to injury I have to take the dogs out and as it’s the day I have Barney, I haven’t got a spare rain coat for him, so he’ll get wet, oh well, ce la vie, At least I know that when I go into the shed to  get the lawn mower I won’t have half a shedload of junk on my head. Keep well 


  1. So many busy people at the moment! I hope you’re now enjoying the sunshine again…they say it’s going up to 30-35 degrees C at the end of the month! That should keep you happy and out of trouble if it does lol 😉 I take it you’ve recovered pretty good from your little trip! Or is it as I suspect you won’t let a little battered rib or two keep you down! Job well done either way 🙂 Wolfie hugs!

  2. Hi Sheila, nice to see a friendly face. Yes I admit to feeling quite smug when the job got finished, around 2 pm, when I made lunch, and guess what??? the rain came! so that was the end of the plans for the tip, It didn’t last too long, but then the rush hour would have begun so decided to leave it till next day. I got up nice and early Sunday as they forecast rain, dook dogs out then loaded up the car and got rid of the junk, another brownie point, but the rain didn’t materialize, that day either, I even got the lawns mown. be good to yourself if not to anyone else, off on to FB to see what’s a do. XX Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Well done Arlene that sounds like a good job done. It is grand when you can eventually sit back with a cuppa. So tidy! Hope you didn’t get caught out in the rain. still warm here rain last night and yesterday. Take care Sheila x

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