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This week so far

Had a couple of nice dog walks lately, the weather has taken a nice turn ad the rain has stopped.

Wednesday I went to a walk at Stanpit, which is near the marshes, and a Nature reserve where you can watch the birds nesting, we get quiet a few summer visitors here,, You aren’t allowed to let dogs off lead, and rightly so, so I keep to the other side where they can roam, there are several places Zak hasn’t yet visited and this was one. I’d been shopping for gravel to finish off the little patch and this walk is on the way back. Went to art class in the afternoon.

Thursday I collected Barney and we all four [three dogs and me] went to the Rugby ground for a walk, it’s not as boring as it sounds it is a nice place with an area at the bottom that is left to grow quite wild, The air was full of the scent of May blossom, it’s quite heady when there’s so much of it, also lots of Cow Parsley around. The bluebells and wild garlic is about over, but still buttercups aplenty.

I fell in the garden yesterday i tripped over a piece of wood by the little foot high fencing, I landed quite heavily on my side and it’s painful, I phoned the surgery to make an enquiry about it and she advised a doc appointment, so that’s tomorrow morning taken care of, Who wants to get old eh!

that’s it for now folks, if its sunny enjoy it, if it rains I hope you need it. 

Thank you for visiting and please come back, Arlene, Tango and Ruby

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  1. Lovely walk and the smell of heady blossom sounds good. Oh you fell I do hope all is well and not too much damage Arlene. Let us know how you get on take care.
    Hugs Sheila x

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