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A busy day in the garden

Had a busy day in the garden the other day; I’ve got a patch at the bottom end that has got some Lleylandii, they’ve been up for some twenty years now they’re lookig a bit tattered, they get a sharp blast of wind down there and I’m afraid a lot of the foliage is scorched beyond repair, so I will gradually take them out.

The piece of lawn in front doesn’t fare much better so I decided to dig it up and gravel it.

It was a good day for that sort of chore, not too hot, it isn’t a big piece, and I wanted it in line with the other bit, like a mirror image. Zak likes to park himself where he won’t be missed or ignored.

I’ve almost finished it but unfortunately the rain stopped me doing anymore for now, also I need more gravel

It will have to wait for a few days as I’m busy’

I bought a couple of Spotted Laurel to go at the back to help cover the fence, the plants already in there will help when they’ve grown.

My Azalea, it’s starting to go over, but it  has been especially nice this year

Here are a few more pics of bits and pieces around the garden

London Pride or Nancy Pretty
Solomon’s Seal or Jacob’s ladder

It’s difficult to buy this old plant as it’s gone out of favour. I bought this Solomon at a boot sale, I like it’s simplicity and it comes back yearly.

Maybe you’ll remember I started this rough bit / These are a few of my pots by the back gate

last year, the shrubs are starting to show now.

Ruby hiding
Zak not hiding

This WAS a Chrysanthemum till the slugs and snails got it


  1. Ah thank you Sheila, Though I admit to having one patch at the rear that gets all the unmentionable roots, dead plants and general ‘stuff’ some that should be taken to the to when I get round to it, But I keep it out of sight.LOL

  2. Arlene your garden is so neat and tidy and all those lovely flowers. My Azalea ‘s are doing well this year also, I’ve had them quite a few years now. Slugs seem to love Chrysanthemum’s found that out at my horror. What don’t they like mmm wonder! beer in a bottle top getting drunk and dying. ha!
    Take care Sheila x

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