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Slugs and snails and big dog’s tails.

Woke up this morning g to a dull dismal day, Looking out of the window saw it was raining ….hard
Oh well I thought, it will bed in the latest shrubs and Geraniums I planted in the last week.
Lots of plants have been badly eaten with slugs, with one particular Chrysanthemum reduced to nothing more than a few spindly stems, I get so cross.
To help protect some plants I cut the bottom from a large plastic flower pot and put it over the plant and put in some slug pellets, I don’t like using them, but this way the slugs that get in will succumb and die inside the pots, it has saved quite a few.
It was my day to pick Barney up and I thought to myself, great, three wet dogs to-day, can’t be helped so did our walk all of us kitted up for the weather.
When I came back home I decided to check out the plants, I removed 15 snails and 7 slugs, some had been caught by the pellets, and some were a bit away from the plants but heading in their direction. I popped them in a plastic bag with some pellets and disposed of them in the dustbin. End of slimy creatures.
Not the nicest of days and they don’t give out much hope for an improvement over the weekend. I’m glad I’ve done all my planting but there are a few jobs I would have liked to get on with, Never mind the sun will shine again. Enjoy your day.


  1. Slugs are rife Arlene as you say, have made a meal out of some of my flowers.
    Lets hope the weather picks up and we have some dry warm days, now they won’t like that will they. Little Bu–ers!
    Hugs And hope you are all well, just about back up and running. Fingers crossed no more problems.
    Sheila xx

    • Hi Sheila, I am doing a morning patrol and collecting any I see, but thankfully there are less and less, either they see me coming or I’m decimating them, we’ll see, but they promise a return to better weather by the end of the week, I hope they’re right.Thanks for calling by XX

  2. Shame Anne maybe you can get some more, it’s not too late is it.

    • I’d grown them myself. That particular border is not proving to be good for any plants so I’ll probably cover it with shale and maybe only put a few specimen Ferns in it.

      • Oh, but there are about 300 daffodil bulbs in it that looked wonderful all out.

      • Ferns are good for rubbish or difficult places, I’ve got a few around, If you’re going to shale it, what about grasses. I’ve got a couple on pebble and they do well.

      • Just saw the bit about your daffs, not exactly my favourites as when they are finished you have to put up with all that foliage, unless you just pull them out and start new each year, I get so many bluebells and have the same trouble with foliage and it notoriously harbours slugs.

  3. I was cross that 15 young Sunflowers had been eaten, didn’t even occur to me to protect them as you did, doh!

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