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Simple Beauty

Just a short blog.
Whilst out walking the dogs to-day I was compelled to stop and marvel at the carpet of Buttercups that seemed to appear overnight.
It is a sight to gladden the heart and eye and always reminds me of a walk I had some years ago with Jet and Tango along the banks of the River Stour I took a photo of them in a field of Buttercups, I made a point of going back to the River every May when they were in full bloom . When Jet died I still carried on going with Tango on his own, but I have not been since he left me., it’s one of the places I just can’t visit.  How I wish I could turn back time and revisit that field.
However, to-day  I picked a small bunch of Buttercups, then saw some Queen Anne Lace and added that, one spray of Charlock as there was only one clump, Oxalis to give a splash of pink , and some bluebells from the garden when I got home.
I did not try to display them in any way artistically, as I felt their colours  gave them their own beauty.
Beautiful and desirable though some exotic orchids and flowers from far off lands may be, nothing in my mind can match the beauty and sheer simplicity of these wild flowers.



  1. There are so many walks round here where I live, and there’s still two or three I haven’t re-visited, Maybe I will one day, I feel that there ghosts still inhabit the old walks.

  2. Such a pretty posy. I know how hard it is to re visit places like that. I force myself to go to a certain beach because Mo loved it there, as did my two previous dogs and even my Grans and Aunties before that. My reasoning is that they would all love to know I still went to places they were happy at.

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