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Hi Folks, I’m trying to keep blogging, use it or lose it, I know that many have stopped and gone to Face Book and I too am guilty, but I still prefer to blog, if I can find the words to tell a story,
Well I haven’t seen my little visitor since he toddled off after his supper, but I have lots of nooks and crannies with shrubs, and hidey holes where I’m sure he’s been able to set up home. I also have clean water left out at ground level for the birds that are too shy to come to the fountain, so he won’t go thirsty, and I get lots, in fact zillions of slugs and snails he shouldn’t go hungry. Oh well I can say I’ve done my best for him.
The birds in the garden and roundabout have been exceptionally busy, as it is of course the breeding season, and if they’re not nesting or flirting they’re feeding babies, the sheeps wool I hung up in the bird feeder is a sorry looking mess and almost gone.
I got a bit fed up filling up the bird’s feeding station and the nuts being scoffed by the pigeons and magpies, with a visit from a jay, I put inch wide mesh round the bird table, the tits, robins and all little birds can get through the squares but not the pigeons, who are so big and fat they’d need a barn door, BUT the magpie is so crafty, he pops in the top where I had to leave space to refill, Fortunately he doesn’t stay long, so I turn a blind eye, not like the pigeons, who will scoff a weeks supply in one sitting. Let’s see if I can find a picture of it. Found one, also here’s a pic of a blue tit pulling some sheep’s wool from a rolled up piece of plastic



Here’s another pic of my old Wellingtons having a new lease of lifeImage



Well folks That’s about it for now, I wrote more than I thought I would and it’s near bedtime. Catch you later.



  1. Typical youngster, they’re no different from human ones are they. LOL

  2. I heard such a racket going on in the garden today and looked out to see what on earth it was. It was one young Starling sitting on top of a feeder that its parent was taking from the fat ball to feed it, goodness what a to do it was making because the food was not coming quick enough. Yet it could easily have moved a couple of inches and fed itself!

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