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Didn’t it rain children…..

The weather girl said it would rain and the weather map showed rain but not until around 11 o’clock, so why was it raining at 7’am when I got up to beat it?? I was not happy, Anyhow, we got wrapped up back to the waterproofs and went out, we got wet, very wet, I was not amused.

Oh well as a friend of mine says in her best Scots…’it’s only watter’ and I suppose she’s right, so I spent the day indoors thinking of what to do, I changed the curtains from the winter weight to the summer ones, I’m hoping Mother Nature takes the hint. It cleared up around tea time and we managed a dry walk.

Poor Zak is coughing and wheezing, I don’t know if I mentioned, but one side of his larynx is paralysed, and he has been eating the rough couch grass which has obviously irritated his throat, poor chap he sounds quite stressed. I shall give him a small knob of butter which seemed to help last time.

I haven’t seen my little hedgehog this evening, I’ll check shortly to see if the food I left has been eaten.

 Some girl friends are coming up to-morrow evening for a game of cards, a natter and some snacks. 

That’s it for now folks. 


  1. Good to catch up Arlene, (been offline for the weekend as two family Birthdays were enjoyed by all, and off course I over celebrated 😉 ) Sorry to read about Zak-adoodles problem, hope the knob of butter works again… Bess was always eating things she shouldn’t and would never take any notice of ‘NO!!’ . … She always knew best of course … I always take the weather forecasts with a pinch of salt… they seem to just get it ‘slightly’ out of sync,… and if you’re planning stuff it makes all the difference to your day/evening.. hugs aplenty to you, Ruby Tuesday and Zak-adoodle… from li’l me xPenx

    • Hi Pen, ‘over celebrating? tut, tut be careful young lady many a lass has got into trouble doing that. LOL I’ve been advised to try some hondy with the butter, so I’ll do that, but it’s a real job trying to stop him eating grass, he grabs and rund, so he does know it’s wrong. cheeky monkey, hugs from us to you XX

  2. A natter and a chat sounds like fun ladies night Arlene. Hope you see little Hedgehog tonight , not seen mine for awhile although Lucy thinks there’s something out there in the hedges sniff sniff.. Saturday today has been awful my internet keeps going off agh! Hope you get this one.
    Enjoy your night gathering x
    Sheila x

    • I haven’t seen the hedgehog since Sheila, despite leaving food out, I hope he’s OK.
      We had a good evening, plenty of laughs.

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