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My little visitor

Do you like my little visitor? after he had a good tuck in, which Zak was not amused by, I let him out and he wondered off a few feet, disappeared under my old sink, I hope that’s his home, as he isn’t very big and I can leave some food out for him.







  1. Hi Pen, glad you liked it, I hope he stays put, but apparently they can wander a mile or more, I don’t like to think of him wandering round in case he gets hurt, I put some food by the stone sink tonight, and a couple of tennis balls near the front so I should be able to know whether he comes out or not, I’m just going to check now, returning hugs from we 3

    • It’s a week later now, is he still about?

      • Hi Anne, Haven’t seen anymore signs or sight of him Anne,,but there is plenty of shelter clean water and with the rain a good supply of slugs, so hopefully he’s doing OK.

  2. Aww, he/she’s sweet, Arlene, … Fantastic photo’s…. Zak-adoodle’s looking very agrieved too… Thanks for the share, made my evening…. Hugs to you, Ruby Tuesday ‘n Zak-adoodle, too … xPenx

    • I thought I’d replied to this Pen, but see that I haven’t, I usually come running when I get word of a comment on my blog, but this got overlooked, sorry.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the little saga, but as I said to Anne above no sign of him, licks from Roobs and Zacharius, that could be his proper name. I don’t doubt. LOL

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