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Making the most of the fine weather

Well according to the weather buffs, our little mini spring heat wave is coming to an end on Sunday, it’s been lovely while it lasted, I had some garden rubbish to take to the local tip so I thought to-day is as good as any , also I had grass cuttings I thought should be got rid of as soon as possible as they rot quickly and soon smell. 

On the way to the waste tip there is a nice walk which I do when I’m going into Christchurch, which is a couple of miles further on.  I took the camera to hopefully get some nice pictures., well I took a few, nothing really spectacular but I’m putting them on here just to let you know that the dogs are still enjoying life.

The walk is in Mudeford woods which has a nice stream running alongside which expands into a nice big pond which is used by the local angling club, though I don’t know what they catch. there’s a few wild fowl on there too, I’ve included the two drakes, but didn’t see anything else.

Here goes…Obviously the dogs in the pics are Zak and Ruby,mudeford woods mudeford duck pond with Ruby & Zak2 drakes

ZAk  by duck pondZak & Ruby Mudeford woodsZak'n'Ruby MudefordZakJust Zak

Little RoobsThat’s it folks I would like the weathermen to be wrong, but I feel that this time they may be right, Oh well, it’s been nice while it’s lasted.

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  1. Mags Corner

    Arlene I think the pictures are great and that looks like a very lovely and peaceful place. The dogs were sure enjoying it. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Hi Mags Thank you for your comment on my dog  pics etc, I’m having so much trouble with WordPress passwords I’ve all but given up on it, a pity as I’ll lose the few friends I have on there, I’m still blogging on Blogger ,, but hopefully I’ll still be able to follow your lovely tales. hugs from we 3.    to cut down on spam and computer identity theft.Please delete my email address and any other email address from this message. 





  2. Love the photo’s Arlene looks like a lovely walk with Ruby and Zak. Have a lovely family day at Easter xx Sheila

  3. I’m finger crossing that the sun will ignore the weather forecasters Arlene, and keep us happy, as we get so much done while it shines down on us. Lovely to see the photos of Ruby Tuesday and Zak-adoodle enjoying the walk… A quick glance and it could have been Bess, …same posture and colouring, made me glad to see. Good to catch up with you three, … Hugs from me… xPenx

    • I’wm hoping that it may miss us as they’ve now said South East, and we’re in the middle ! I’m going to daughter Arlene’s for lunch Easter Sunday, it would be nice to be aable to go outdoors as there will be around 14 of us. I hope beingreminded of Bess too upsetting, I get flashes the are like Jet and Whisper, personality wise, in fact I often call Zak Jet. Son’t know whether to laughr or cry at myself. Thanks for visiting.

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