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Weather forecast, wrong again.

I am so disappointed, this morning I got up early as the weather report was hot and sunny, brilliant thought I , got washing to do and lots more in the garden so I’ll forsake my art group in the afternoon and have a real good  day getting on top of things, Going to B&Q for some trellising to stop one long leggedy dog going into the flower bed to hide his you know whats.

Also got to make some bread as there was two slices in the freezer. so much to do, BUT, it’s grey dull and starting to spit with rain, and I’m spitting feathers.

Rant over,

popping in a couple of pics, this I love my daughter gave me this for Mother’s day, it’s a fat ball feeder and she filled it with sheep wool, courtesy of a friend who has them,  it hangs on the tree and the baby birds must think they’re in the Hilton rather than a Premier. LOL

I have one hung up with hair from the dogs in it, I saved some of Tango’s, but it will be put to good use.



  1. It has been kind of hot….and sticky…and humid…and not at all brilliant sunshinish! lol 😉 It’s duvet on…duvet off…duvet on..duvet off…duvet… sort of weather and it’s driving me nuts!! It had better improve for next week since I’ve finally secured a week off work – it’s been nearly 12 months now so I expect marvellous hot sunshine, blue skies and a great suntan!! Very naughty of a certain longleggedy dog hiding unspeakable things in the flower bed! How wicked of him! Terrible 😉 Maybe things will improve weather wise now the sahara smog is reputedly disappearing…I think it was just a cover story for the rubbish weather guessing personally lol can’t say I’ve seen any haze or fog outside my window blocking out the sun as the radio has been insisting it is the last few mornings! Maybe it was all those feathers you were spitting hiding the the sun lol naughty naughty Arlene!!

    • Oh Wolfie, don’t complain too much or the sun might take the huff and go into hiding, just keep the duvet cover off if it’s too hot, and then you can enjoy your well earned holiday.
      I’ve put the trellising up now so that Zak the yak can’t get over there now. Nearly bedtime. thanks for calling.

  2. Mags Corner

    The weather here changes so quickly they can’t predict it much any more. They have changed our forecast 4 times for today. That is a wonderful idea for the birds. I saw the picture of it on your other post. I bet the birds are going to love it. Hugs

    • Hi Mags, I’d heard somewhere that they will soon be able to forecast the weather for the next ten years, poppycock!, they got it wrong to-day again.
      Yes the birds are loving this new nesting material, a little blue tit was pulling and pulling for ages, but bits kept dropping out, he flew away he didn’t have much more than when he started. LOL

  3. It didn’t even rain Pen, but the sun didn’t shine either, so I went to Art group and dried the washing indoors. XXX from us

  4. Always makes me spit too, Arlene, whnen they get the weather competely wrong… Are we spoilt? 😀 anywho, great idea about the wool, and fur,… Hilton it surely will be for the li’l tweeties…. Hugs to you three (Ruby Tuesday, Zak-adoodle and thee) from li’l ole me. xPenx

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