Arlene and two adopted dogs.

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A Papillon called Treacle

A Papillon called Treacle

This is the latest painting


  1. Fantastic painting Arlene and what a lovely little dog Treacle is 🙂 You’ve captured him so well in your painting, I’m constantly surprised when I see the way an artist achieves such feats. Your painting is beautiful 🙂

    • Aw Fanks Wolfie, I do appreciate everyone’s comments, I really hope my friend’s husband feels the same.

  2. Mags Corner

    Fabulous painting my friend…just gorgeous! What an adorable little dog. Hugs

    • Ah, thank you Mags, they are cute little dogs, I was dying to paint that lovely long sweeps of hair,,it was a very enjoyable painting experience.

  3. ps the only pictures of Lady my first Greyhound are only in photo’s and not a lot of good one’s. You may think so I must sort them out , buried in my box. So I will find one or two for you to paint.
    Thanks Arlene x

    • See what you’ve got then Sheila and I’ll see if it would make a good painting.

  4. Fantastic Arlene well done another lovely TREASURE. x
    Enjoy your day

    • Thank you. Sheila.

  5. I know Pen how much a painting or a very good photo of a dog means. thanks for compliment. I;m doing another collie. just now.

  6. So, so beautiful Arlene, and you know how much my painting means to me.. so I can only imagine what Treacle’s owner feels like seeing this li’l darling. Whichever way you get to share,… anyway is good for me. 😀 Hugs to you 3 from me. xPenx

  7. I had to put these pictures up separately as I posted first on Blogger but WP won’t let you take a copy from it so I had to go round the houses to publish this latest blog, In future I shall do the initial post on WP and hope I can do a C&P to WP or start up Live writer again.

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