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Trying my darnedest to keep up my blogging, Today the weather took a turn for the better, that evil North east wind swung round to South east, still got an edge, but not as bad, it was still a bit chilly on the beach.
I’d made up my mind to do some gardening to-day, I was a good girl and did just that, I think Ruby and Zak were also happy to lie out in the sun keeping an eye on things, lazy pair.
Some years back a large Beech tree went over in a storm leaving a stump, it has gradually rotted and I decided to-day I’d try pounding a bit more of it off as it is rotting real quick now. I made some headway but it’ll be another year or so before it’s rotted enough to completely get rid.
I moved some Sedum that had spread under the box bush and the box had spread over the Sedum, not a good combination as Sedum must have sun, so I moved it to a healthier spot.
Some time ago I ordered a rose arch and obelisk from Amazon, it has been sitting in it’s original packing since it was delivered, Another job nearly done, I gave up after 3/4 way through, my hands ached with screwing the bits together. I will carry on with the rest of it on Monday, as tomorrow is Mothering \Sunday and I’m off to my girls for lunch. well folks that’s it for now bed calls goodnight from me, Ruby and Zak. enjoy your weekend.


  1. Hi Folks, I’ve had a very busy day and I’m tired, I will catch up with you to-morrow XX

  2. Happy Mother’s Day Arlene! Hope you had a lovely time 🙂 Yes… I know that wind swung towards the SE!! Brrrr! Good to hear you’ve been making the most of the warm weather and getting out in the garden. Ruby and Zak are obviously enjoying the start of Spring too 🙂 Went out to the river with my friend and his twin boys (8yrs) and it was clearly dogs day out too! I was pleased to see the two little boys meet and greet both a Weimerina and a little rescue dog since they have been terrified of dogs since an uncontrolled Doberaman charged into their play area, stole their football, bursting it in the process and running off with it. A feat seen and ignored by it’s irresponsible owner who has since been reported to the police and been given a warning. They also met a horse! Odd site at a picnic area! It was a good natured animal that was recovering from cancer. You wouldn’t think there was anything like that with it, it was beautifully clipped and very happy. There is hope now, that the children will be ok to meet a couple of lovely, soft collies from another friend’s family. Good to see Spring is bringing out the good natured dogs 🙂 Wolfie hugs to you, Ruby and Zak 🙂

    • Hi Wolfie, thanks for the interesting comment, I hope the children get over their fear of dogs, but it sounds like they’re on the right path. bring them down to the New Forest where they’ll see plenty of horses and dogs, though Ruby is a bit wary of people still, Zak loves everybody and everything, he’d help them. Some people are just so irresponsible with their animals and unaware of the possible consequences.
      Yes Spring is definitely well on its way. hugs from Roobs and Zak no kisses from him as he is a bit ott. XX:-)

  3. You reminded me how Bess used to be, Arlene, oh so happy to just lay in the garden, watching the work being done, with maybe a bark now and again and a strategically placed ball for throwing. 🙂 Good to get the work done though, and tonight it’s clocks forward, .. British Summer Time is here again. My oh my, your arch sounds a lovely addition when its done. Hugs to you, Ruby Tuesday.and Zak-adoodle from moi’ . xPenx

    • Hi Pen, I understand when you say you are reminded of Bess, seeing my two newbies in the garden takes me back to when Jet and Tango used to lie out and enjoy sometime joining in the work 😉 or just overseeing, and as you say a ball dropped in the pile of leaves you’re raking, I hope to finish the arch today,Lovely to hear from you XX from the two furkids

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