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Environment……..Who cares

Who cares? .. well I do, I get sick of hearing the pundits that talk about vanishing species when they do sweet noting about it, it’s all verbal garbage from their mouths. I’m not going into statistics here as I don’t have them at my fingertips, but you can find them in the relevant places.
What has brought this on you ask, well I’ll tell you, I took a walk up on the local playing fields today, I haven’t been since before Christmas as they would have been too boggy.
Not so long ago about twenty years, they were farmland and the council claimed it for football pitches, there are three in one area, then another patch was used for car boot fairs and carnivals etc, another patch had a youth centre built on it, and a field for school sports, A wholesale nursery claimed a large part with huge greenhouses and some land for cultivation, this is the part that got me angry today.
In this part they grew maize for animal feed and the wide verges contained around four or five large patches of bramble, in summer the swallows would swoop over the sweet corn, and the bramble patches were alive with birds and butterflies.
Today as I walked down the piece of ground that runs alongside it I suddenly realized they had cut the brambles!, completely razed to the ground, I just couldn’t believe it, all for the sake of gaining a few feet of more space for corn. When I think of the wildlife that these patches held I was heartbroken, and they go on about the disappearing species, well, what the hell do they expect ! just where are these birds etc going to roost, nest and find shelter now, there is nothing on the one side and the nearest trees etc is way over at the other side of the fields.
I don’t think this world will ever recover from man’s onslaught. it just makes me so sad.


  1. There is definitely a serious need for education on this subject. Most people seem oblivious to the importance of conserving what’s left of the planet and the wildlife that lives on it. Don’t lose heart…where there’s a will there’s a way. Wildlife has a way of thriving even in situations that humans would be totally extinct in!

  2. Don’t worry Arlene the brambles will be back with a vengeance! The new growth will be more nutritious for the browsers than what you cut back. 🙂

    • Hi thanks for comment, I don’t think they’ll let them grow back as money is more important than the well being of a few birds and bees. :’-(, sorry to sound so negative, but in the 70 + years I’ve been on Earth I’ve seen enough to be dissillusioned. I’ll perk up, no probs.:-)

  3. As you so rightly say, Arlene, so much natural habitat for birds and other wildlife is claimed without thought , makes you wonder where it’ll end… I’m not surprised you feel sick at heart, I would be too.. Warmest of hugs to you, Ruby Tuesday and Zak-adoodle, .. xPenx

    • I don’t see it will Pen, I’m convinced that man will hasten the end of the planet, but not in my or yours time, Hopefully wrong. Thanks for the hugs I need one, XXX

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