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Me again

I don’t know how others manage to keep interesting blogs going continuously, I think of all sorts of things during the day that I’ll post, but when it comes to putting fingers to keyboard i get bloggers block, but I’ll try.
The weather [always a good subject] was lovely last week, so I spent a lot of time in the garden, I managed to mow the lawn again, my neighbour’s fence on one side had blown down, actually three six foot high panels, exposing a good size piece of my garden exposed, it was the bit below the lime tree and I must admit it also highlighted the rather overgrown and tatty state of that area, So that took up a couple of days work clearing out loads of rubbish and overgrown ivy plus a rotted conifer. After it was done I was tempted to plant the spot but then remembered that when the tree is in full leaf, it’s quite shady, Now that the fencing has been replaced it has also cut down some light, but I’ll look up my plant guide and sort something out.
On the other side of my garden I have what I call my little wild bit, but it was getting wilder and wilder with honeysuckle, ivy, Choisya, Mrs Popple fuschia, and Cotoneaster all vying with each other and topped with a Pittisporum, the birds love it but it had to be tamed a bit, so quite a lot of hacking and pruning, it’s looking a lot tidier, and there is still plenty of room for the birds to hide and nest in.
I have a couple of bird tables which I love to try and keep topped up with bird seed, and the magpies and pigeons love me for it, I decided something had to be done, got some plastic fencing with 1.1/2″ mesh and stapled it all round the sides of the tables, I watched eagerly to see if the little birds would take to it and YIPPEEE they did, so that will save me a bit on nuts and sunflower seeds.
It has turned pretty cold now with a sharp wind and to-day we had a few hail showers, so the garden will have to take a back seat for a while, thankfully as my nails are in a disgraceful state, I keep forgetting to put on my gloves.
I’ve a few more things I could say, but that’s enough as I find that over-long blogs put me off, so I expect others to feel the same. Bye for now have a good week.


  1. Hi Arlene busy Bee looking good sounds good to. Good to hear the fence was sorted out .
    It was an awful day here yesterday, cold wet and windy yak! Just popped in some Primroses and a little Evergreen. That yellow flower I don’t know what it’s called doing well this year happy to say. I love it.
    Enjoy your week keep up the good work.
    Hugs Sheila x

    • I had that one Pen and then forgot about it, I’ll give it another go thanks. It’s been too cold to do any gardening for a few days, so I’m taking an uncoupling of using shears etc from my weary body. Pinched the saying from Gwynneth Paltrow and her soon to be X hubby 🙂

    • Hi Sheila, you must post a pic of that yellow flower so we can identify it, I have lots, and I mean lots of yellow flowers in the garden right now, goes by the lovely name of Celandine and the not so lovely name of ‘pilewort’ I could add a few more uncomplimentary ones, damn nuisances. Oh well perhaps the early bees or butterflies like it. Off out with the two old mutts. Catch you later thanks for calling XX

  2. I have a plant which thrives under shade, Arlene, (trying to remember it’s flipping name) still thinking, ..but glad your neighour sorted out the fence. We had hail yesterday too, but it turned quickly to rain and dissipated.. .. (name found… Ceanothus, it’s a mighty grower tho’ have to be brutal with t’shears, It has lovely blue puffball flowers.. ) Todays been full on sunshine, but cold with it.. so it makes you walk fast… 🙂 Great to catch up… hugs to you, Ruby Tuesday and Zak-adoodle. from me… xxx

  3. It’s gone all cold and wet and windy here Arlene! Bring back the sun! You’ve been very busy 🙂 And the plan for the bird tables sounds to have gone down a treat – the small birds must love you for it! Perhaps you could work your magic on my Live Writer!! It wasn’t working properly for several weeks. Now it’s fine. But! Something has wiped out of it all my past posts and all my draft ones from it!! I am not amused! In fact I am mad as hell!

    • Hi Wolfie, I too have trouble with live writer, so I’ve just given up on it and put my posts direct, then copy and paste into blogger. I think the want me to synchronise, but the instructions are so long winded I lost the plot. Enjoy your week.

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