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Once……….an accident, twice………….sheer carelessness.

As some of you may know I make my own bread, Yesterday evening i put all the ingredients in the machine set it and sat down to watch Television, After about an hour and after the last knead I take the paddles out of the dough otherwise they stick in the bread and getting them out can leave great holes.

A while later I thought I could smell burning, I was right, smoke was pouring out of the vent of the BMaker, wooooooooooooooo panic, pull out the plug, it;s electric so i can’t use water. I opened the lid I realized I’d done what I’d done before………………….Left the recipe instruction leaflet in the machine between the pan and the outside casing. and it was smouldering, Quickly pulled it out with tongs and threw it in the sink, took a chance and replugged the beast to carry on baking, well I needed the bread for breakfast, Glad to say it cooked, but the recipe booklet was totally a write off and the bottom of the bread pan was full of charred paper.

Next morning I went into the kitchen and almost choked the smell was overpowering, so the morning was spent spraying with Febreze flapping the air with a dishcloth and opening all the windows.

I’ve cleaned out the BMaker and left it outside to drain, fingers crossed it will dry out and be serviceable for my next loaf on Saturday, if not I’ve already earmarked what make and model my next one will be.


  1. Oh no Arlene kitchen disaster ! . Glad all ok with you .Good luck with your baking , and better replace than sorry .
    Enjoy your weekend Hugs Sheila x

    • Hi Sheila, good morning, well I took a chance, after cleaning out the machine and leaving it to drain for a couple of days., I made a loaf yesterday, andd all was OK ! Thank goodness as I don’t really want to fork out 90 pounds plus for a new one. Hugs from we three xx

  2. Mags Corner

    Oh, no!! I am so sorry the booklet is burned and not useable. Hopefully your bread maker will work good as new when it is all dried out. Did your bread taste okay after having that paper burning in the bread maker. I am glad you were near and you did not end up with a large fire. Hugs

    • Hi Mags, fortunately I remembered the ingredients etc of the two loaves I make, an ordinary white loaf, and a raisin and walnut, I thank heaven I was there as it could have been nasty. My little guardian angel doing her bit. XXX

  3. Oh no Arlene! Something of a disaster in the kitchen then lol 😉 Most unfortunate!! Well at least you did end up with bread but let’s hope you don’t make a habit of this sort of catastrophe! 😉

  4. Oh dear, Arlene, what a mistake-a to make-a… 😉 Fingers crossed all’s OK for future bakes… Hugs to you, Ruby Tuesday ‘n Zak-adoodle xPenx

    • Hi Pen and Wolfie, I will certainly be more aware of what I’m doing in the kitchen, I know it could have been a disaster, it doesn’t bear thinking about, but, I admit, I never go out and leave the bread machine cooking, the washing machine and maybe tumble drier yes, but to be honest, we are warned never to leave appliances unattended,
      I’m going to give it a go tomorrow, and if anything untoward happens, it’s a trip to the shops with pennies in my little hot hands. Love to all XX

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