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They ought to be ashamed

I live in a very beautiful area of the Hampshire/Dorset border, now at this time of the year it’s mostly locals who use the beach and walks round the area, When out walking my dogs I never cease to be amazed at the amount of dog poo that litters the paths., it’s especially worst just a few yards from the car park, it slopes down so you are quickly out of sight, and each side is just littered, You can either carry on walking down to the beach or hive off right to walk along the paths midway up the cliff, they are covered either side with bushes, and I’m afraid to say they too are littered. I don’t know what’s worse the offensive matter on the ground or the bags of it that hang from the bushes in their multi coloured bags like some distorted  old Christmas baubles . As no one can see them there they just abandon the stuff will nilly.

As I said at the start, it is locals who use these paths just now, How I wish they could just read this blog and read of how despicable they are, They are just ignorant dirty low life scum., but, I don’t suppose they will read this. 

It is even worse when the holiday makers come, but I don’t use that walk much then. They should all hang their heads in shame. I sometimes feel embarrassed to be a dog owner, and quite often pick up the offending matter if it’s in the middle of the path.



  1. Totally agree Pen, just sheer laziness and some probably think it beneath them, But just how do you stop it, they are fined if caught, but to my knowledge no one has ever been caught by anyone who can impose the fine, I’ve remonstrated with some when i catch them after offering them a bag, but you simply get a torrent of abuse. grrrrrrrrrrrrr, brings out my nasty side. take care XXX hugs from we three to you and Wolfie.

  2. Cleaning up behind your dog is a legal responsibility and if people can’t be bothered or think it’s below them to do so then they shouldn’t have a dog.

    • I know that Wolfie and you know that, and probably the dirty people know that, but they just don’t care.

  3. This ‘littering’ is abnoxious, Arlene, and as you say it makes you feel ashamed that anyone could leave their dogs poop this way. It makes me angry too, I call them morons, idiots who should know better. In some cases I’ve picked up droppings outside my house. , knowing a neighbour was guilty (OK, his dog.. 😉 ) made me so angry I could’ve spit fire. Oh for a magic wand, the guilty ones would be shown the error of their ways, ‘n no mistake… It only takes a plastic bag and the smallest of time to collect the poo left by our four legged friends, not too much to ask eh? But it seems so. Hugs aplenty to you, Ruby Tuesday ‘n Zak-adoodle. xPenx

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