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I did it……..YAY!!

After lunch I went back to the jumble of wires and scarts etc, and had another go, I kept getting a message, ‘no device inserted’ I then tried taking out the jacks I had put into the adapter for the camcorder and put in the scart into the place, sounds complicated doesn’t it > well it was. but it worked after I’d sorted out AV1 or AV2 I wrote it down in case I forget also what I did for the camcorder, next think is to connect up the DVD player, but another day.
I sat and watched a video of the day my friend Nicky and I went to pick up our dogs, she with Indy and me Tango, plus a bit of video of his first couple of days with Jet and Whisper., thus began one of the happiest periods of my life almost fifteen years of joy, Oh what I;d give to have them back.
After I felt I couldn’t watch any more I went out and did about an hours gardening., altogether a satisfying day.



  1. You have a lot of patience Arlene well done. It must have been a task in its self wow!
    Hugs Sheila x

  2. Oh congratulations! What a hero Arlene lol 😉

  3. I’m with Mags Arlene, glad you finally sorted out the answer, (dontcha feel a hundred feet high when the answer comes and things start jelling? ) … I have some film of Bess, from when she was a pup, and later walking the Local recreation … but I still can’t look, takes me like a thump in the solar plexus, even photo’s still create tears. and it’s three years this month she took her last walk… Ah well, What we’d give eh? hugs to you, Ruby Tuesday and Zak-adoodle.. xPenx

    • Oh Pen I’m so sorry you still feel the loss of Bess so deeply, I must admit there’s not a day goes by when I don’t think of my Tango and Jet, and some days with tears, but having Ruby and Zak does help I feel having given two lost souls a chance it heals the wound a bit, and I’m sure that T & J would approve.
      and yes, I do feel good at having got my vids back. X

  4. Mags Corner

    Hi, Arlene! I just read your other post and then this one, I am glad you got it all sorted out. Hope you get them all transferred to DVD without problems. I am looking forward to when I can get out and work in the flowers and yard. Happy for you that you had an enjoyable day. Hugs and nose kisses for you and yours from me and mine!!!

    • Hi Mags, yes I am so pleased with myself, now I have to consider the buying of the software to transfer them ….. more money and I expect another couple of days on my knees in front of the accoutrements trying to make sense of it all, hugs and nose kisses to all I hope to come visiting soon, but I’ve got friends coming round this evening fro cards and tea so that will be another day gone, till then keep well, and keep me in your thoughts as you are ALL in mine.XXX

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