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A Near Disaster

I’ve got some friends coming round for tea and a game of cards tomorrow, so I decided I’d bake a Victoria sponge, I usually make an ‘all in one’ so I got all the ingredients sorted out and proceeded, Not long before-hand I’d called up the PDSA and asked if they’d come round to collect rather a lot of stuff I’d been collecting for them and had a good clear out. so I had that on my mind.

Anyhow I mixed the eggs a bit, and put the sugar and butter in the bowl then realized I’d used a traditional method so I creamed them than added the eggs, I saw the baking soda and realized I hadn’t sifted it with the flour, so stirred it in, As I was mixing the mixture I thought it seemed a bit sparse, and realized I hadn’t added the flour., added it, as I went to add the milk I decided to add a little powdered milk as I only had semi skimmed and it should have been full cream, However I put the stuff into the tins and into the oven setting the clock, hoping the PDSA man wouldn’t come for at least half an hour, Ten minutes to go, he turned up, as there was 4 bags of stuff, I had to help him he must have been wondering why I was tip toeing around and closing the door ever so slowly, Got him on his way, quick check on the cake, looked OK,left them in an extra minute just to make sure, that’s why they’re a fraction brown, timer went off, tested them and believe it or not, they were OK, nothing startling but passable with a bit of icing sugar hiding the bubbles , Ha, ha,Image


  1. Dropping by to say Hi, to you and the K9’s Arlene, hope you’re fine ‘n dandy, warmest of hugs. xPenx

  2. Looking good Arlene stuffed with jam and cream oh my sounds lovely. Enjoy your game well I hope you did, and hope you had a jolly ol time one and all.
    Hope Zak is settling with Ruby , I bet they be looking forward to good weather to. A run is in store for Lucy , when it lightens up again.
    Hugs Sheila x

  3. See what you mean about near disaster Arlene! But what a heroine you were – saving the day in the face of great adversity lol and even overcoming the question of the early arrival of the PDSA man 🙂 And sponge….sponge is just so lovely 🙂 hmm….tomorrow I must go shopping…I feel I deserve a treat…one of those lovely birthday cake type sponges with all that lovely soft icing on top and those delicious little decorations would be nice 😉 preferably a nice big one that’s supposed to serve 32!! Well! I have a big Wolfie appetite! lol 🙂 Call it a celebration of the fact I’m not living in…erm I mean by lol a river or on a flood plain at this time 😉 The roof might have blown off by morning though!! Galeforce Wolfie hugs xx

  4. Hi Mags I admit I do like sponge, it’s not too sweet, and it’s nice and soft, I’m sure we’ll have a good evening, one friend is having an operation on her toe so we hope she’s able to drive. hugs to all.from we 3 XX

  5. a testing time Arlene, now…. how’s about me testing them eh? (I knew I could smell baking!!) They look scrumptious…. and icing too? MMmmm … Have a great time with your card buddies. (don’t gamble do you? 🙂 ) hugs to you, Ruby Tuesday and Zak (adoodle)

    • If there’s any left over AFTER my friends AND Zak a doo and Ruby have had their fill, you are more than welcome to have a taste Pen, they are tucked up in a cake tin till they are stuffed with cream and raspberry jam and a dusting, just a dusting mind you, of icing sugar,. And …no, I don’t gamble. that’s another story. Hugs and sweeet kisses from the K9’s \XX

      • There won’t be any left Arlene!! None at all if Wolfie gets involved and you know how much I can’t resist getting involved when cake enters the equation lol 😉 Sorry about that Pen…better luck next time! 😉

  6. Mags Corner

    They look yummy to me and I bet they were. Hope you had a very enjoyable time with your friends. Hugs and nose kisses for you all from me and mine!

    • Thanks Mags, we did have a nice evening but it had a damper in the shape of a fallen tree on their way home meant they had to take a detour, and not knowing the area took longer than expected. but all ended well enough. Thanks for calling. XX and hugs all round.

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