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Ruby’s new coats

Here is the little glamour girl who is too shy to show her face, so just admire her coats.

Zak is by the gate waiting to go out 



Ravishing in red



and beautiful in Burgundy



  1. Mags Corner

    Ruby is looking quite fashionable in her coats and Zak looks very handsome standing at the gate waiting for his walk. They both look wonderful, very loved and well taken care of. Hugs and nose kisses all around from all of us.

    • Ah thank you Mags, and to be honest, I think they enjoy their life. XX

  2. HoooOOoooWWWWLLLLLLOooooooo Arlene! Back to comment tonight 🙂 A like was the best I could manage in my state of cold and sore throatedness last night! Ruby looks lovely in her new coats 🙂 Warm and cosy and beautiful! Zak has a very determined look about him so far as going out goes! Is he jealous of Ruby’s lovely new coats? lol! She looks very glamourous and high-flying in them! I see from one of your comments that Zak has a hi-vis jacket…he probably looks a bit like me when I’m wolfishly riding my bike in one! Perhaps he would like to join me sometime!

    It doesn’t look like you guys have been flooded out in this lovely winter weather we’re having 🙂 Hope it stays that way for you! I’m infinitely glad I don’t live on a flood plain that’s all I can say! Mind you the River Thames has burst its banks and homes are at risk and at least two other rivers in places I like to visit have also done so, but at least it’s not reached my part of the galaxy yet! If it does, I’ll see you, Ruby and Zak in a nice colourful rubber dingy!!!
    Wolfie hugs 😉

    • Hi Wolfie, I’m still here, No Zak isn’t jealous at least I don’t think so, more like he is getting impatient and wants go go for his walk. and I’m sure he’d love to join you in a little bike ride, got a side car??

      And no we’re not flooded here we are quite high above sea level, the closest flooding is Christchurch where the Avon flows but it always floods the fields, though this year worse than usual, the surrounding farms also get it and they have to move the horses from the grazing fields, The sea has been pretty rough with the shingle thrown way above the usual tide line, but apart from the cold wind we’re OK. Take care X

  3. Ruby does look all nice and protected from the elements. I prefer the burgundy but would favour the better visibility of the red.
    Zak seems to be settled in his routine and knows he has landed on his feet. I reckon you’d get a distasteful look from him if he was expected to wear a coat.

  4. I agree, I do so agree, Arlene, Glamour Girl is looking good, and of course Zak Too. only in a totally male way 🙂 …. Glad I checked in late before switching off altogether, great to see you all. hugs aplenty, always, to you, Ruby Tuesday, and Zak (adoodle!!) xPenx

    • Oh Anne, Zak does have a coat, but it’s a high viz jacket and only for really wet weather, more for my benefit than his LOL he accepts it with a resigned look. Ruby’s Burgundy is a fleece and not waterproof just to keep her warm but the Red does add a bit of glam.that she probably likes but won’t show. Thanks for your comment. X

    • I had Art demo this afternoon so have ony come on here Pen, so lovely to see I had response from you and Anne, love the Zak [adoodle] nick name] hugs back from we 3 X

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