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Meet Zak


This is Zak,  last night we had our usual walk at around 4.30pm, though having to keep him on lead, I expect I may have to do this for a couple of weeks. he was understandably a bit restless last evening, he enjoyed his supper, but it took him till around 11.30 pm to settle, after that he slept through the night., This morning he had his breakfast and we went off for a walk, a short while after we came back he was sick, and he sicked and sicked until his stomach was empty. :-(.

He has been a bit more settled to-day and is having a snooze, before we go out for this evening’s walk, I’ve soaked his biscuit and he will have just a little and some cooked chicken.

He’s going to my vet to-morrow for a check up. Ruby’s quite laid back about him and he’s quite a gentleman with her, Tomorrow i pick up Barney, so we’ll see how things go then, though they’re both nice dogs, I will just keep an eye on things.

The weather was nice this morning, blue sky and a bit warmer, and NO RAIN, till lunchtime, though it’s not too heavy.

Ruby’s got a nice new rain coat, it came this morning. Now I wonder if I should put it on her or keep it for Sunday best, 🙂 I’ve ordered her another one as the ones she’s been wearing are looking a bit sad.

Catch you later


  1. Aww! Zak is lovely! So handsome! He looks great for his age too 🙂 Shame he’s been sick but hopefully once he settles in and relaxes fully, that will help alleviate that issue too. Any chance of a pic of Ruby in her new raincoat?! 🙂

    • Hi Wolfie, nice to see you back here, He hasn’t been sick since the first day, so hopefully that’s sorted, I have taken pics of Ruby in her coat on my new phone but can’t upload them ! spent ages on the help line and downloaded the software but no dice, so we’ll have to wait till I take the camera. Thanks for calling by,

  2. He’s perfik Arlene, and so Border Collie-ish I’m gulping. and I hope and pray he’s ok after being so sick. (tears here ) xxPenxx

    • Not quite perfik Pen but close, LOL

  3. Oh Arlene he is lovely , sorry to hear has been a little unwell. So glad Ruby and Zak are getting on just fine..just checking your new post _>

    • Hi Sheila nice to see you on this little post as well, thank you, he’s not bad for almost twelve is he. XX

  4. Mags Corner

    What a handsome dog sweet Zak is we are just so sorry he is not doing well. Keeping him and you in our thoughts and prayers. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Thank you Mags, I’m sure he’d appreciate yours and Sheila’s kind comments, hugs back and lovely of you to call. X

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