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Looking back

Looking back through some older posts I came across one I wrote when Colin died, he was the husband of one of my dancing friends, In the post I mentioned Phyllis, a lady who’s been fighting cancer for some time, I said I didn’t think she’d see Christmas, Well owing to the sheer guts and determination of the lady, she has seen Christmas and was even present at our Christmas club party even joining in some dancing and games ! how wonderful is that !

I went to the vet with Zak this morning to get him checked over and he has a partial paralysis of his larynx, which gives him a bit of trouble breathing at times. Ā He checked him over and confirmed this having got the notes from his previous vet. I wondered why not one person had commented on Zak’s photo and post, and I realized it was saved as a draft so I’ve posted it, Ā I cut his meals down to 4 smaller ones an so far he hasn’t been sick Ā  To-day was my day for picking up Barney and I wondered how this would go, well ….. no problems, too old codgers together, it’s a pity I can’t let Zak off lead yet, so they could have had a good play, but feel it’s a bit early, hopefully it won’t be too long.

Well it’s turned 4 pm time to take them for their walk, catch you later.



  1. That is wonderful news about your friend Phyllis! Amazing how the human spirit can fight with so much strength when the need arises šŸ™‚
    Zak is clearly in very good hands! It’s always reassuring to have them checked over and know where you stand with them health-wise. Hopefully the sickness will settle down as he settles in. It’ll be nice when you can let him off the lead but for now better to be safe than sorry šŸ™‚ Look forward to hearing more about Zak šŸ™‚

    • Hi Wolfie, Zak’s enjoying off lead walks and his sickness has settled, he’s a bit of a clown and loves his fusses, he’s really quite a youthful 11 and 11/12ths of a dog hee hee.

  2. HI there Arlene, I’m in a bit of a daze wondering who Zak is , so obviously I have to click on ‘meet Zak’ so I shall wander a bit and return. Love to you and Ruby Tuesday. xxx

    • I met Zak, and he’s a charmer methinks. I hope all is well from now on Arlene, as I know the feeling of worrying if food will stay down…. (I’d almost forgotten how obsessed I was with ingoings and outgoings from a certain madames mouth and posterior, blimey time has certainly passed an’ no mistake) Glad the walk went well. lots of hugs, ‘n’ woofs from li’l ole me. to you, Ruby Tuesday and Zak of course. xxPenxx

      • Hi Pen, lovely to hear from you again, you are a bit of a Scarlet Pimpernel, aren’t you. LOL
        Fortunately the food problem seems to be resolved by soaking the biscuit from meal to meal, I have to with Ruby,and it seems to be doing the trick., he barks very huskily. I hope you got my Xmas card, I made it special. I did get yours thank you lovley to hear from you, I hope you’ll soon be settled enough to start posting again. Or maybe you’r like me who sometimes thinks it a chore, till I get started. hope to hear from you again soon. hugs and woofs from Roobs and Zak.

      • IN all the excitement on seeing Zak I lost track Arlene, your card was lovely, and took pride of place on top of the middle vase on the mantel. Christmas passes so quickly don’t you think? Blink and you’ll miss it, but the preparation? Yikes!! šŸ™‚ hugs to you all and this Scarlet Pimpernel will be ’round ‘n about. (Mind you, I hate roundabouts, tis the metal smell) xxx

      • Hi Pen, that was quick, I was jsut curious that the card had got to the right address, also I must admit having made over 40 cards for Christmas I wanted to know that people recieved and hopefully liked them I did enjoy it though, and have made quite a few birthday cards, then it gets to the state where you have a surplus and wonder what to do with them LOL, Off to check my mail now as I didn’t log on yesterday, but first I must make lunch, catch you later.

  3. I had written a long reply here but daft touch screen is too sensitive and it all disappeared. In short, so very glad Phyllis is recovering, Zak is lucky lad, Isobel has same paralysis so may never be able to speak properly and she chokes when eating and during sleep but it does not bother her as much as us.

    • Hi Anne, I know the feeling of losing long posts and comments, I often do, but nice to see you on here, you should do some blogging again.
      Hoping to maybe see Phyllis at dance class tomorrow evening when we start up again. I ams o sorry for Isobel what a blow, though she appears to be quite well adjusted, I suppose to her it’s perfectly normal, but the care and constant nursing must be a bit of a strain on you and her Mum. Maybe just maybe, one day there will be a cure, she’s young and medicine is moving at a fast rate, Hugs to her and Take care.

  4. What great news about your Friend Arlene , must be a strong Lady ..hope she has many more years to enjoy. Poor Zak well he’s in the best hands and I know you will give him Love and care. He also has friends to walk with , which in turn will be comforting for him.
    It is wonderful of you to take him on , much Love to you all.
    Hugs Sheila x

    • Hi Sheila thanks for comment we all think the world of Phyllis she is a lovely lady her husband can’t do enough for her, a lovely couple on fact.
      It’s early days for Zak, but we’re hopeful that things will work out for us, sending hugs back to you and Lucy.X

  5. Mags Corner

    Arlene that is wonderful news about your friend. I hope she keeps improving and has years more to enjoy life. So sorry to hear about sweet Zak though. I know you will comfort him and do all you can to make life good for him for as long as you can. Hugs for you and nose kisses for Zak.

    • Yes indeed Mags, Phyllis has surprised us all and long may she do so.
      I’ll be happy when I can let Zak off the lead and he can nose around at his own pace. No doubt you’ll be hearing more about him one way or another, it’s sad as he came from a house with another 5 dogs and 4 cats. hugs back to all. XX

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