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A new addition

I got a phone call yesterday from a dog acquaintance, asking if I would be prepared to foster another dog acquaintances elderly dog ? There had been some problems and he had to part with his four dogs, I considered for a while and said yes I would, He’s 12ys old a Border collie, He was delivered this afternoon, and of course has spent most of the time pacing up and down, I do feel sorry for him, nice natured animal I remember him from some time back when his owner worked him in shows.

Ruby’s accepted him as she does with everything, but makes sure she still gets her Mum’s attention, I took both of them for a walk this evening, keeping Zak on the lead, when I came back they were fed and he scoffed his dinner up pdq, and looked for more ! as he’s not thin he didn’t get any more. is asleep for now, I don’t know whether or not his owner will be able to have him back, so we will have to wait and see, I just hope he settles. 


  1. I’m sure he will settle just fine in your loving care 🙂 And he will probably be good for Ruby too. You’re going to be a busy bee with all these dogs!

    • Hi Wolfie, it’s only two dogs ! 🙂 and Ruby couldn’t care less about any of them her bed and her Mum is all she wants. As they’re the same age it’s no big deal, I wouldn’t want a youngster. Nice to see you again.

  2. Good on you for fostering Zak, Arlene, and good on Ruby for her acceptance, (a certain Madam would have been too jealous) … Early days but good ones to come I hope. hugs aplenty xxPenxx

    • Thank you Pen, dear little Roobs just seem to accept everything and she’s had several dogs come and go on their ‘holidays’ here, I think she’s too afraid to upset the apple cart and she gets sent packing. LOL

  3. It’s things like budgies, rabbits, guinea pigs etc that it must be difficult to sort out when you are trying to salvage as much as possible and make your home good. Local petting zoo could not save an awful lot of animals from drowning, poor things never stood a chance as the flood was so sudden. Uproar here about it because they prioritised and left a lot to their fate. Previously they had been trying to rehome all of them as they were going to close down that area.

    • Dyknow, I didn’t think of that Anne, and hadn’t heard anything about it, Maybe it’s because they’ve focussed on the human and property side of things and unless it’s a local paper you wouldn’t know. what a shame and a disgrace. Poor animals always get the rough end of it when it comes to tragedies. Like you I just wish I could do something more.

  4. I do hope his owner is rest assured that he is in a good home. I know how important it is from having to find fosters for Kaths dogs when it became too costly and not ideal to use boarding kennels. Right now I wish allergies were not preventing me from taking in pets from homes that have been flooded locally until owners have them back.
    Well done you for giving Zak a warm bed and full tummy.

    • Hi Anne thanks for comment and visit, it’s early days yet with Zak but we’ll keep fingers crossed. I too would love to be able to take in more dogs, I just hope that these poor peoples’ pets are safe .

  5. Arlene that’s great and I am so glad Ruby has taken to him. Sounds as though he going to settle in nicely. Have a good week all three of you , hugs x

    • Thank you Sheila, Ruby is just so good natured and Zak is too, it’s early days yet so we’ll keep fingers crossed

  6. Mags Corner

    Oh, Arlene that is just so sweet of you to foster the dog. I bet he settles in real soon and he and Ruby will be enjoying each others company. Big hugs for you my friend and nose kisses for Ruby and Zak.

    • Mags I’d adopt a dog for every day of the year, if I had the time, energy and money, Ruby’s not very demonstrative but who knows what goes on in her little head. Hugs back to all.

      • Mags Corner

        I would too Arlene, I love dogs and I would take in every one that didn’t have a home if I could meet their needs.

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