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My approx ten year old washing machine has finally given up the ghost, or part of it, sigh,  I put washing in yesterday and wanted it on a high spin but it wouldn’t work, I tried the lower spin, it wouldn’t work either, I tried several programmes and they filled the machine up, but when it came to the spin it just didn’t want to know, SIGH, At first I was going to get the mechanic guy out but thought the better of it as it is old and was second hand when I bought it, it’s served me quite well so she,[ it must be a she,] can go to the washing machine’s graveyard with a clear conscience. Now I’ve go the hassle of getting a new one with all the installation gubbins that comes with it. another SIGH

I have a half load of dripping washing hanging over the bath, an even bigger SIGH.


  1. Can’t see more than tiny edges of your new background I notice is getting mentioned in your comments. Had to switch to mobile phone since bad weather causing connection to drop constantly… Grrr! But! What I do see looks good and on the positive side…I can see your snow!!

    • Oh dear Wolfie, nobody else has mentioned it so I hope it’s maybe just your network.I’m not so keen on WP as you haven’t got the freedom of customising as you do with Blogger. I’m working on another blog and want to change the theme and can’t get one to suit. grrrrrrrrr

  2. Oh no!! What a disaster Arlene! A broken washing machine and dripping wet washing is the last thing anyone needs especially at this time of year. I hope you get sorted out with a shiny new machine very quickly 🙂

    • Machine all sorted now Wolfie, new one was delivered on Friday, and as you can imagine piles of laundry to catch up with. thanks for calling. X

  3. oops sorry !

  4. This background is very cheery Arlene.
    Hope you get a lovely easy to read manual with your cooker to. x

    • Washing machine Sheila LOL

    • Meant to say I’m hoping that this snow in the background is all we’ll get. keep warm hugs to you and Lucy XX

  5. Hello Mags, not much fun eh ! well my son in law is coming over to-morrow to dismantle the old one, so that’s one chore out of the way, so back to the drawing board and go through the jungle of appropriate machines. For a bit of displacement activity I think I ought to change my background on here, not quite the season for passion flowers, now is it. LOL hugs to all furbabes and thanks for sympathetic comments. X

  6. Mags Corner

    Oh, Arlene I am so sorry to hear this. I hope you can find a good one that will last you a lot of years. I also hope finding a new one will come easy and getting it installed will go smooth. Hugs and give Ruby nose kisses

    • Hi Mags, we;ll the old one is out in the cold and rain, not a nice way to treat an old friend eh? I’m having the new one delivered on Friday, hope all goes smoothly, The washing is piling up so I’ll be busy’ hugs to a all X

      • Mags Corner

        I too hope all goes smoothly with the new washing machine.

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