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Blogging again, my that’s three in a week, not bad for me, Now, what else have I been doing? Baking, it’s something I do when I have nothing else to do, because I’m bored, can’t get out and it warms the house up at the same time.

I made a plain Victoria sponge the other day, and it was not very successful, but edible, I forgot to put the sugar in and added it after. but i think I’ve mentioned that, Also I noticed that some of my stuff was not rising, and decided to check the stability of the cooker, and yes it was listing at the back., the front legs were sitting on carpet but the back wasn’t, so  I hauled it out and put a piece of carpet under the feet, at the same time I found a butter knife, two measuring spoons, a teaspoon, plus a fair bit of fluff. 

I then bought two new cake tins and fresh baking powder, and the ext sponge was an improvement. 

Yesterday I made Dorset Apple cake, I got the recipe from the internet as I’d lost my old one. It was quite an expensive cake but turned out not bad, but just a little bit wet, the recipe included the juice of a lemon, and I think half would have been better, never mind it tasted very nice, it’s been frozen down with the Victoria sponge for treats.

The weather was dry when I took Ruby for her walk this morning, and we were gone almost two hours, but Guess what? yup it’s raining again. so looks like a wet evening stroll. 

Our dancing club starts back tomorrow and I must say I’m not sorry, I haven’t spoken to a soul for almost a week, People are just too busy nowadays to be bothered. oh well, I’m not the first and won’t be the last, take care all and wrap up warm. 


  1. Lovely That’s JUST THE KINDA THING I would do on a cold rainy day Arlene . Oh the smell coming from your kitchen , must have been heaven.
    Enjoy …Hope you got back into the swing of things with your dance club.
    Hugs Sheila x

    • Yes it’s very therapeutic, Sheila and the odour enhances it, ain’t I poetic. LOL
      The dance club got called off last night as several couldn’t make it, don’t blame them too many roads are flooded, oh well, there’s always next week.

  2. Well Wolfie pop into the kitchen anytime, but like the little sign I have up, that says make yourself at home in my kitchen, feel free to wash up. LOL
    You could buy a breadmaker and you can make cakes in that
    You have got a handful with a Husky, there’s a couple that get walked on the beach near me, but they’re always bu***ing off, maybe they don’t know English either. Lovely to hear from you. Keep warm, if you can’t keep dry.:-)

  3. Oooh! I’d happily come over and join you in the kitchen for a baking time chat! I’d learn a thing or two about baking too 🙂 We don’t have a working oven as my landlord says we don’t need one if we don’t have families…matter of opinion but still 🙂 Just means I don’t get much cake making practice! Then again the last house I shared had an oven that set on fire when the drunk housemate fell asleep in his room with his pizza cooking in the oven!! Flames pouring out of it when the smoke alarms got us all up!! So maybe not such a bad thing after all lol I’ve been looking at devices that work similar to a toasted sandwich maker but cook cake ingredients in various shapes, sizes and forms. Very tempting but bad for the waistline I suspect! lol 😉 I think yours would be 110% tastier anyway 🙂 And I bet your kitchen is wonderfully warm and sweet smelling with that baking going on…ummmmm!!

    I’ll bring the Polish Husky Vicky with me 🙂 That way Ruby will have a new friend too and I will get some much needed practice with commanding dogs in Polish!! There is plenty of call for help training Polish dogs (yes I know Huskie’s aren’t Polish but their owners are and speak only Polish to them so they don’t understand English commands 😉 ) but there’s no point in trying to have a conversation with a Polish Husky in English!!! lol 😉 Maybe Ruby can teach Vicky some manners too lol She’s beautiful and sweet natured but she’s young and free spirited and therefore a real handful! I’m sure a little bribery and corruption with a little spare piece of your baking would help things along nicely too lol 😉

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