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Environmental questions

I think just about everyone is being affected by this seemingly un-natural weather.,,from the devastating fires in Australia in summer to the floods and strong winds in UK, also the typhoons in the Far East,

Is it really man induced, or a natural cycle ?We know this planet have been through several climate changes through millenniums, but it’s the frequency that seems to be causing the concern.

Could it be deforestation that is upsetting the natural cycle of rainfall, which is then sucked up by the trees and released back into the atmosphere to form clouds, which then again fall as rain? seems a bit too simple, but I wonder ??? Then there is the pollution of the oceans, which then again upsets the natural balance, poisoning the ocean bed and killing many species of fish and plants thereby again upsetting the natural cycle. who knows, I don’t I can only wonder.

I get angry when I see or hear trees being felled, sometimes for no apparent reason but because they are in someone’s way or blocking their view. Where are the birds, bats and other insects which depend on this habitat going to go?  Where I live there are many Mediterranean  Pines, many have grown to great heights and have been part of the landscapes for many, possibly hundreds of years, because of the severe storms and 70mph winds many are being blown over and many have to be removed for safety, they are shelter for many creatures as they are high, evergreen and quite dense at the top, Goldcrests and many finches rely on them for roosting and nesting, where are they going to go? The usual Beech, Oak Lime etc, have all lost their leaves so offer no protection from the elements. It’s like taking the population of Southampton and moving them to Portsmouth, then when that’s full moving them to London, till there’s nowhere for them all to fit in, and the Government have the nerve to say we are losing species, Perhaps if they stopped people gravelling or paving over their gardens it would give the birds somewhere to grub for worms, perhaps if the builders built proper eaves to houses with an overhang at the apex for swallows to nest, stop clearing the hedgerows and dewponds , we as a nation are destroying the world in many ways, but personally I don’t think what the environmentalists say or do, it won’t make one whit of difference, greed, power and the need to look after no 1 is more important, I wouldn’t come back to this world as it is, we had the best of it, environmentally, previous to to the Millennium.

On a lighter note, my neghbour phoned me this morning, telling me that she’d rescued a hedgehog at the top of my drive which divides us, she said it had been tangled in some wire and she wasn’t sure if it was injured, she’d let it back to the nest where it had supposed to be hibernating, I scrabbled around and found it and took it to our vet as it shouldn’t even be out this time of the year, but again this is because of the topsy turvy weather, The vet said they’d take it to their hospital and if it was OK they’d give me a call to fetch it back and put it where it came from, which they prefer to do, so fingers crossed that he/she is OK.


  1. Pretty much my thoughts \Woflie, Natural storms, floods etc have happened through the centuries, just think of Noah ! but I still feel that we are contributing towards these things and doing stuff that we have no idea of the consequences of, and Nature will have her way in the end. she’s a damn sight cleverer than us. Good reply, thanks.

  2. This wild weather is knocking everybody and everything all over the place. I hope little hedgehog is fine and happily returned πŸ™‚ I can’t help but wonder sometimes whether we as humans have simply forgotten what winter is! Environmental damage by us maybe to blame to an extent but environmentalists for example who went out to prove the S Pole (if I remember rightly) ice was melting at a dangerous rate proving global warming etc got stuck in ice out there!! The rescue ship then also got stuck in ice!!! So perhaps current wild weather is nothing more than seasonal behaviour in the UK? We have become worryingly soft over here, running off to hotter climes at the first hint of bad weather. Winter is a time when we expect ice, cold, wind and rain and general more extreme weather conditions. Or do we? We seem to have forgotten what winter actually means!!! We certainly are doing nothing to help our environment and the wildlife as you say, but weather wise…we’ve had it an awful lot worse in the past and far, far worse before man became sentinent on Earth πŸ™‚ I think it’s all about balance – recognising the power of nature when it chooses to let rip, but also realising we are doing our environment huge damage in our ways which will likely create effects in the long term and ones that we will never even have thought of or experienced before!

  3. Thanks for stopping by Sheila, yes I’ll let you know if I hear from the vet. I don’t expect Lucy’s too bothered about not going out, they like their comfort, greyhounds, that is, I’m just contemplating donning the w’proofs and having my half hour ‘walkies’ with Ruby of course, but first I’ll do a quick post. Stay dry xx

  4. Yes Arlene I have always thought this, gets me so very upset and annoyed. CUT cut that’s all they ever do, with no thought at all, and for the wildlife that live there. Trees are so very important to the cycle of life.
    Good luck little Hedgehog a lot going on with the weather I’m not at all surprised , we have one here by the Orchard tucked away. I hope you get that call, lets know how he gets on good on you Arlene.
    I have managed a little run with Lucy , at the back of the garden where it isn’t as bad . She loves it she just couldn’t wait! swoosh!
    Enjoy your weekend take care.
    Sheila x

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