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Hi all or whoever may be out there, Well this is the first day of 2014, I will be 77 this year, now just where do the years go, ? When I hear people talk about the old days, like 1970 or such I think to myself, ‘’what are they on about, that wasn’t so long ago’’ but it was wasn’t it ! over forty years, now I think that’s a generation, and when you consider people at 44 are maybe  doctors, or bankers, lawyers, directors of companies, even have their own company, it makes you think doesn’t it, I look upon 1970 was when I got married again, my girls were growing up and these doctors, lawyers etc. I was talking about, were just being born. , yet it still only seemed like last week. , and on a sombre note, I won’t live to see out another forty years, ENOUGH< ENOUGH, it’s getting morbid.

How was Christmas for you folks? I had a nice one, At Karen, my younger daughter Christmas day with all the family and had a lovely Christmas lunch with all the trimmings, then Boxing day at one of my gran daughters, Sarah, she and Ross have a nice new bungalow and wanted to spend their first Christmas in it with the family, she served up an appetising buffet, with more food than we could eat.

I had some lovely and useful presents, I’m fortunate to have such a loving family, may it always continue.

The weather has been pretty grim since Christmas with dreadful floods and high winds, there hasn’t been much respite, I felt so sorry for the hundreds of people who were flooded out of their homes, and the many who lost their electricity over Christmas.

I’ll stop now and maybe have something to blog about in a few days.

Just a footnote, I baked a sponge and fruit loaf to-day to pass the time, my daughter invited me over for dinner, but the weather was just too evil.  Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  1. Happy New Year Arlene! Galeforce winds and heavy flooding round here, so glad I don’t live right next to a river!! The storm damage must be soul destroying for some property owners from what I’ve seen so far. There were 40 trees down on the train tracks and many places totally inaccessible. But I had a good christmas…ate far too much choccie, cakes and other such naughtiness lol 😉 I’ve managed to avoid weight gain surprisingly, presumably from being in and out of work like a yo yo whilst many were lounging around on extended holidays! Now,…what did you do with that delicious sponge cake!! 🙂

    • Happy New Year to you to Wolfie, and glad you had a nice Christmas, I agree it must be awful for these poor people to keep getting flooded out of their homes, totally soul destroying. puts things into perspective a bit.
      I have frozen the sponge after sampling it, not too bad, always like to have a goodie or two stashed away. MMMM

  2. Ha, ha, I took a chance and scraped the mixture back into the mixxing bowl added the sugar , gave it a good whiz and baked it, it didn’t rise as much as it should have, but it was OK well I won’t be serving it up to visitors, i’ve had a couple of slices and the rest is in the freezer. Waste not want not, eh.
    The weather is pretty grim isn’t it, and I do thank my lucky stars that me and my family are so far OK, just the inconvenience of walking dogs as we all have them.
    Sounds like your Christmas was a good one, nice to be able to keep in toucfh with family too, though I hope your sister’s Chicken pox doesn’t turn to shingles. not nice, Take care from me’n’roobs xx

  3. Mags Corner

    Good evening sweet Arlene. I will be 75 this year so we are pretty near in age, I wonder too where the time goes. The time just seems to fly by. Glad to hear you had a nice Christmas we did too. Hope your weather has gotten better it is getting colder here supposed to be in the single digits at night in a few days, that is not common for our area. Wishing you and sweet Ruby a very Happy, prosperous 2014 filled with love and good health. Hugs for you and nose kisses for Ruby

    • I replied to this and when I went to post I had to renew my password as I’d forgotten it, athen when I did it and went to come back to log in my reply was gone, stupid WordP. anyhow Thank you for dropping by Mags, you never let me down, so now to get feedback, the weather is supposed to improve next week, we’ll see ! right now it’s alternating between sunny pouring dull and blowing a gale, oh well at least it’s not the below temperatures we had last year, Take care Lovely Mags, keep warm aren’t you lucky you don’t have to take furkids for a walk. 🙂 XX

  4. Where did the sponge go then Arlene ?
    It has pretty awful here to say the least Arlene , too much rain and those poor people flooded time and again . My heart goes out to them all, so much of this going on , the water has no where to go now…
    Christmas was good I spoke to my sister xmas morning, she was cooking for three. The nieghbours we have here are lovely and had a drink with them.
    Spoke to my brother and sister-in-law , we all live so far apart . Anyway they had a lovely day just the four of them.
    You enjoy the rest of the week, I had a call this morning my poor sister has Chicken pox. oh dear.
    Hugs Sheila xx

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