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Hello all

Just thought I’d do a quick blog post as I had a bit of a Heads Up from our dear Pen, so if she can, I can. LOL

Not much has gone on, or if it has I’ve forgotten it, so it just shows what and interesting life I live.

Let’s talk about the weather, [as usual] it’s always a good talking point.

Well it’s been changeable, either wet and cold, wet and mild, cold and windy and wet, damp and dreary, oh I could go on.

We had the first frost yesterday morning, but not severe and it didn’t last. To-day was a fine dry though with a very cold wind.

The only ‘interesting’ thing is that I got lost……..I picked Barney up and went for our walk with Ruby, I decided to go for a walk over the common down to the cliff top,

The path was pretty muddy and I was beginning to regret coming, anyhow I plodded on, the sun was very bright and was shining directly into my eyes as I was heading towards the Channel.

I had to keep putting up my hand to shade my eyes. After about twenty minutes walking I began to think I should be sighting the sea by now, and got the feeling I was on the wrong track as it was more woody than usual, I then noticed the sun was on my left shoulder and ahead I heard traffic. !! so I turned back and sure enough I’d missed the track, I should have veered right keeping the golf course on my right. Hey ho, no problems I got back on track, but rather than going back to the car park the way I came I detoured round and added another half mile to our walk. The dogs thoroughly enjoyed it anyway.

Well that’s about it catch you later

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  1. Great to catch up with you Arlene, maybe we should all have personal satnav eh? I know , I know I’m terribly late with my comment but better late than never methinks. Christmas wishes and A Happy New Year to you and Ruby Tuesday from me (and her who’s always in my thoughts) xxPenxx

    • Hi Pen, nice to see you Pen regardless or sooner or later. Love and kind thoughts, to you X

  2. Gede Prama

    Amazing and Thank you for writing which is quite good and best wishes always, and greetings. Kindness blossoms in your heart.

  3. Oops! I think you need to purchase a tracker dog!! I can lend you one if you fancy borrowing a big black GSD when partaking of such adventurous walks 😉 But as I’m sure you’re enjoying this beautiful wintry weather lol I’m also sure you won’t mind getting a little bit lost if it means you can spend a little while longer lingering in these icy cold and mostly wet and windy conditions!! 😉

    • What a good idea Wolfie, I’m sure it would help dear Ruby to feel even safer and she’d look upon him as her own personal bodyguard.LOL:-)

      • Consider it done! lol 😉

  4. Mags Corner

    Glad you found your way back to where you should have been and ended up getting a very nice walk. Bet the dogs enjoyed the walk. Our weather has been up and down I will be glad when it settles some with no drastic changes. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Hi Mags November can be a funny month for weather, the end of summer but not quite the beginning of winter, they’ve forecast it will get colder next week. 😦 thanks for calling. XX

  5. Oh dear Arlene glad you found your way, enjoy your outing today and treat yourself. Maybe a new Onesie LOL My sister bought me one last year nice and warm. Enjoy and hugs to you and Ruby xx

    • Good idea Sheila.
      I bought my daughter one years ago and she wouldn’t wear it, she wishes she’d kept it now.
      Hugs accepted with pleasure and same back to you and Lucy X

  6. Perhaps it would be wise to invest in a navigational instrument 🙂 Be well Arlene

    • Another good idea Kenny, and actually I’m well known for my complete lack of directional sense. I’d have used the dogs noses if it had come to it. LOL ust pay you a visit. X

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