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Wild Weather

Woke up yesterday morning early around 5.30 am, and heard this whooshing noise, I thought it was a plane a bit off course, as we are about 10 miles from Bournemouth airport, though it wasn’t really loud, it was noisy, it came closer and I was just wondering what on earth it could be then i heard the rain, Lor’ did it pour!  it battered against the windows like fury, lasting around 5 minutes, when i got up there were flooded areas all over. Anyhow I was going to my daughter Arlene’s for lunch later, I took Ruby for her walk and was lucky to get a dry one. A little later the rain came on again and boy did it rain, I was beginning to wonder if I’d get out at a.  There was no let up for about an hour, fortunately it eased up just before I went out. Again the streets were flooded some from pavement to pavement. There was a small tornado a few miles away and several people on Face Book commented on thunder, lightening and very heavy rain, The weather is really doing strange things to us lately.

This morning it rained again but not so bad, but when I went to the beach with Ruby the wind was really blowing a hooly, it just didn’t now which way to blow from, it was tossing around like a Flamenco dancer’s skirt, My hat blew off before I could pin it down, and landed in a puddle As it wasn’t raining I gave up trying to hold it on. The waves were really smashing on to the break-waters and the sea was wild, I wished I’d taken the camera.

Looking further along the shoreline towards the West I could see that The Run was really boiling, To explain, The Run is the meeting of the River Stour and Avon in a small gap between Hengistbury Head and the mainland of Christchurch, If it’s wild later in the week I may take a drive over that way.

It’s quietened down now [lunchtime] but I think we can say that Summer’s been and now gone Crying face


  1. Better late than never?. Hope so anywho, Arlene, Here’s hoping you and Ruby Tuesday are enjoying good health and not experiencing to much howling weather. Catch up soon so take care … luv n’ hugs and woofs galore to you both from me xxPenxx

    • Hi Pen, my word you have been elusive, like Jenny D however it’s nice to know you’re still keeping an eye on us, do post up and let’s know what you’ve been up to. Hugs and snuggles back to you X

  2. I have finally arrived Arlene! You’re right about the wild weather and it’s set to get worse from Sunday by all accounts. It’s also caused me to have a horrible nasty ode code in my dose lol and I’ve been coughing and sneezing like no tomorrow! Certainly haven’t felt like doing much that’s for sure. Now I’m feeling a little healthier and have a backlog of blog updates from here to eternity my connection has been playing up – another consequence of the bad weather – if it goes storm mad as predicted next week I’ll probably be completely off-line throughout 😦 It’s dropping in and out tonight though that’s an improvement on not at all like last night. I’m grabbing the moment and stopping by now whilst I still can! Oh and thanks for that contact you sent for your friend and the dog courses etc. Haven’t had chance to pursue it yet but as code in de dose gradually clears up I’m slowly getting there 🙂 You and Ruby don’t get washed away in the bad weather ok? lol Don’t want to hear you’ve both been washed away in The Run right!! On the brighter side the autumn leaves are gorgeous and the autumn colours warming and beautiful 🙂 Just need to pin all the leaves back on the trees…don’t like bare trees lol…and they’re much prettier on the trees than a big mushy mash on the ground in the rain! Take care now and wrap up warm when you’re walking Ruby 🙂 x

    • Hi wolfie, nice to hear from you and sorry to hear you have a cold, hope it’s soon better.
      I’m a little bit apprehensive about the strong wind tonight as I have a rather large lime tree close by, but w4’ll just have to keep fingers crossed.
      The signal on tv dropped momentarily, but it’s back, I hope there won’t be any power cuts.
      I do hope you can get in touch with Caroline, she said she’d be happy to help out. Gotta go now catch you later. Hooe the storm passes you by.

  3. Hi Mags, thanks for taking the time to call by, the weatyer has calmed down, but we are expecting a storm Sunday evening over to Monday, fingers crossed it’s not going to be as bad as the forecast.
    Don’t work too hard my friend, and drop by when it’s convenient. Hugs and purrs back, from Ruby to Chancy.

  4. Mags Corner

    Good morning, Arlene! Wow, you are having some wild weather. You and Ruby stay safe and dry. Hope you get more nice weather to take a walk in. Thanks, for stopping by and leaving a comment. I don’t make it around to visit all our blog friends like I would like to. It is a busy time of year for us right now. I will be able to visit more after all the autumn leaves and yard work is taken care of. Hugs and nose kisses

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