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The weather etc.

Well the long lovely summer appears to have finally come to an end, the weather forecast at the beginning of the week was that it would get colder, much colder, they weren’t wrong, already I’ve been sorting out the scarves and gloves, The wind was keen and the temperature drop was 10 degrees. Brrrr, They also forecast rain by the end of the week, again, they got it right, pity they can’t be more accurate with good weather, FreezingNow now stop complaining Arlene, this isn’t a rant post.

I managed to get most of the gardening sorted out, I put up some rush screening behind the newly planted bit, as the wind whistles through the trellising, I have a couple more plants to find spots for, including the poppies !

I picked up some nice bright yellow Chrysanthemums from the cheapo supermarket Lidl, but they’ll just have to wait.

I took a few cuttings, which are all tucked up round the back where the frost can’t get to them [I hope]

We have a Quiz night with my dance group tomorrow evening, Arlene and Martin plus Lisa [gr’daughter] and her husband are coming to add their brainpower. Nerd smile

I decided I’d do a little bit of baking, just some small cakes for the coffee break.

I went through some cookery books I had for inspiration but couldn’t find anything different, or maybe I didn’t have a particular ingredient, don’t you just hate that, when you fancy something to bake and you’ve to add something you’ve never heard of far less know where to buy it. Anyhow I went back to my old tried and trusted Exciting Cooking from 1960, it never fails me. BUT when I open it I have to be ever so careful as the pages are so brittle they are crumbling round the edges. so I went online to find a new one, and I’ve tracked down a couple of 2nd hand for under a Tenner, New is £25 + P&P I’m sure the second hand offering couldn’t be worse than mine. Smile

Don’t fancy taking Roobs for a walk this pm, but she’s slobbed around all day, so it’s a must.

Catch you later, have a nice weekend in case I don’t post before.

oh I’ve got my external drive plugged in and am transferring all my photos from this Laptop, been meaning to do it for ages, heard of someone the other day who had a computer crash .and lost everything. Steaming mad


  1. Summer has finally past , so all your hard work in the garden will be rewarded. Spring bulbs and flowers something to look forward to. Hope you enjoy your cookery book, cooking on a cold or rainy day just fine.
    Hugs Sheila x

    • Right on the ball SHeila, you can put the cooker on and it warms the kitchen as well as doing the baking, then eating it is a plis. LOL I’m off out now to plant the one I forgot. and sweep up the leaves, it’s such a beautiful day it’s a shame to waste it. Hugs and warm thoughts to you XX

  2. Mags Corner

    Glad to hear you are coming along on your gardening. It will look very nice around your place after all your hard work. The Chrysanthemums will be so pretty and don’t you just love their color? I haven’t bought any this year since it has been so dry here and we have to be careful how much water we use. We had a good rain the other day though and we are supposed to get some more this next week so maybe I will be able to get some after all.

    I understand about the cookbook viewing. I get hungry for something different sometimes, get all the cook books out and hope to find something new to fix. But I either don’t have one or more ingredients or I can not find something that sounds any better than what I have been eating.

    I am sorry you had trouble posting a comment on my blog, have no idea what caused it. Your message that your comment would not post, posted so I don’t know why your other one didn’t post.

    Hope your weekend has been a good one. Hugs

    • Hi Mags, thanks for dropping by, If I’m honest I’m getting a bit weary of dirty hands and sore knees and back from gardening LOL I’ll be glad when the weather won’t let me any more. I’ve got one more plant to put in the garden, tomorrow maybe 🙂 Yesterday was pretty wet though to-day is good.
      I should get my cook book on Thursday, it’s second hand but supposed to be in good condition, it certainly must be an improvement on mine. !
      I had another go at posting, maybe there was a word in the original that the computer didn’t like.
      Off to do some card making, my new hobby, I’ll post up some when i’ve got time.
      BTW we came third in the quiz, [out of five] LOL good evening though.

  3. Yes…that lovely summer is definitely gone Arlene! Rain non stop today…time to throw the sun screen away…oh the pain! lol 🙂 Great to find it’s not stopping your gardening pursuits! I hope the Quiz night goes well tonight and you win, with all those fine minds at work I’m sure you will 🙂 You were very unlucky with your cookery book, brings a whole new meaning to “crumble” lol of the apple variety or otherwise! I’ve been doing a bit of online shopping too…mostly for my mobiles – screen protectors and such like, oh and a new charger for my old but loved mobile that is now an incredible 5 years old! I love it 😉 Not sure how I almost ripped the charger cable out of its socket though!! Original reason for all this shopping was a dead laptop charger leaving me high and dry…and pretty mad! It arrived in 2 days but it’s too big even though it’s supposed to be compatible so back it’s going hopefully. Maybe I’ll burn out my laptop but am using a spare one with a slightly higher voltage now oops! Like you have backed up to external hard drive. I now know it was covered on the laptop insurance anyway so have put in a claim and new ORIGINAL charger should arrive very soon I hope 🙂 Now! Where’s my mobile phone charger! I don’t want to set the house on fire with the current one’s dodgy wiring that’s hanging out! Oh wolf!!! 🙂

    • Hi Wolfie, yes you’re right, summer is just a nice memory now, I hope the next one won’t be too long in coming.
      As I said to Mags, we came 3rd out of 5 teams, but only beat by a whisker. I’ll have to watch more Mastermind and University Challenge instead of QI good though it is, Stephen Fry is a laugh.
      My mobile was about 5yrs old maybe even more so got a new one, I didn’t want Wi-Fi but I didn’t get disconnected for a week and it cost me £1 a day , sorted now though.
      Be careful with your charger, we can’t have you homeless with Winter coming on.

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