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Enough for now

Hi Folks just putting up a couple of pics of the garden now that the bulk of the work is done. I’ve planted the bulbs and some plants, and saying that I remembered my neighbour gave me some poppies, and I forgot to plant them too, Oh well tomorrow is another day as they say in the movies.

Still got more to do before I can put it to bed for the winter, so praying for good weather for another few days, as at my age I can’t do too much at one time, 2 – 3 hours heavy stuff and 4 – 5 [ish] for light stuff. P1000292  P1000294  P1000297  P1000293

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  1. Your garden looks beautiful Arlene and it’s lovely to see when i usually am surrounded by concrete everywhere for cars and easy maintenance. More please! And your idea of “not much” is impressive lol I wouldn’t ne able to keep going even half those times! You put me to shame 😉 Go Arlene!! 🙂

    • Oh thank you Wolfie, but I am a fair weather gardener, you won’t catch me out there when the temp goes below 16 deg. BTW did you get in touch with my friend Caroline?

  2. You have been a busy lass. Looks all the better for the makeover, well done.

    • Hi Anne, could do with some help ??? 🙂 glad the weather’s held up.

      • Would if I could. Next few weeks I shall be deep underground the belly of London so shall not know what the weather is doing!

      • We shall have to rename you as Annie the Mole, I hope they don’t forget you. I wonder if you’ll be able to get a signal for you iPad.?

  3. Looking good Arlene a nice tidy little area..well done. Colder weather due in later in the week apparently. Did you read that article about a lady taking cuttings from a posh part of town. She did so every year , but she got caught this time . But the kind couple said it was just fine and asked if she would like to look around their lovely garden. So she could help her self. Nice one ! 🙂
    Have a lovely week
    Hugs Sheila x

    • Thank you Sheila, I had to gravel it as the soil is poor owing to the conifers, plus it’s heavy clay with lots of stones. Rather limp hugs as I’m knackered.:-)

  4. Mags Corner

    Oh, it looks very nice sweet Arlene, good job!! I understand the age and being able to do just so much. My brain still wants to do a lot of things that my body can no longer do. Hoping the nice weather comes for you so you can finish what you want to before cold weather. Hugs

    • Thank you Mags, nice to know someone sympathises , as they say, the spirit’s willing, butthe flesh is weak, so true. 🙂

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