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It’s not over yet.


Summer is what I’m talking about, we appear to be having a little Indian summer, love it.

The past couple of days have been unseasonably warm and to-day also promises to be pleasantly warm and sunny.

I am so glad as there always seems to be soup  much to do in the garden at this time, Lots of pruning, never ending clearing of leaves, turfing out old, diseased or simply past their sell by date plants, Plantig bulbs is on to-day’s agenda.

I’ve been pruning back some Lleylandii that have gotten too big for their boots, Also managed to dig out an old oak root, though I think I mentioned that one. Smile tree stump                         stump out

Before                                                      and      after, still got lots to do though,

I have though dug out a Bridal cake Vibirnum, I did feel q bit of a pang, as it has been part of the spring season  every year for about twenty years, but I was noticing it was losing shape and the blooms were becoming more sparse,I felt it would have to go as part of the little make over.

There is also a little part of the garden up a slope which I did have access to in the past ! but the small shrubs I planted have grown too big to step over, so I have dug out one of them which will allow me to get to that part and give it some attention

P1000196     P1000261

another before and after and again lots to do, so I’m thankful fro the nice weather, so off out with Ruby, on with the gardening clothes and get going.

One last little snippet The swallows and Martins are feeding frantically over the cliff tops, almost time to say good bye to them, now that does sadden me.


  1. Don’t worry Alone the swallows and Martin will be back before you know it 🙂 It’s a beautiful Indian summer and we should make the most of it…they say icy temperatures and a frost by Friday 😉

    • If the winter was as long as last one, it will be a long wait. BUT it has been a lovely summer. 🙂

      • Yes…that’s my concern too and most other people’s from what I hear, but yes! It has been a beautiful summer and more than worth the wait but sad that it has to come to an end as all good things do 🙂

        Must also just mention in reference to the Puppy Course I did, I’ve just got my Unit 1 certificate come through…Passed…with a Credit! I am now in possession of my “Certificate of Puppy Ownership Pt 1” 🙂 Have now submitted Unit 2 so feeling pretty good right now!

  2. Wow Arlene you have been busy I admire that.. you don’t let much grow under your feet. Lots of old shrubs here , trees getting higher and higher. Will be getting them cut down soon especially the old Conifer seems to be on it’s way out. Enjoy your weather warm as toast today and Yesterday..Oh I love that , misty start, but lovely once it cleared.
    Hugs to you and Ruby x

    • Hi Sheila, must make hay while the sun shies, as they say, most of what I’m doing now is
      the maturity of what I planted many years ago, my back is killing me 😦

  3. Mags Corner

    Wow, you have been busy and working hard. Sure is looking nice after all your attention. We have not stopped having summer until today and it finally has gotten cooler. Enjoy the warmer temps while you can the cold will be around soon. Hugs!

    • Hi Mags, yes I have been working hard, it’s all piling up and the more I do the more I see needs doing, still I’m pleased the weather is being kind to me and letting me get on with it, A back with a hinge is what I heard gardeners need, :-), couldn’t argue with that one. . \Hugs to pusses.

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