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Phone problems

I had the opportunity to ditch my old ad very basic mobile phone for something a bit more up to date, so I paid my £25 for a £50 phone and changed it, I wanted to keep my old number as I’d had it a few years, well that was a marathon job, I’d also put £10 on account. Somehow that disappeared and before I knew i had 13p left, not even enough to make a call, it is a PAYG as I don’t use it much so have no use for 500 texts etc.

I couldn’t access my number as it kept cutting out, but fortunately I went on their Forum and found the answer, I put on another £10 …. I checked a while later and discovered I was down to £9.13p, and I hadn’t made ay proper calls, so I’m now trying to find out what calls I made that cost me so much, I contacted the firm and I was recommended to call their premium rate number at £1.53 per minute!, I wish I’d kept my old phone.

Got some soup on the go, first of the season and it smells gooooooood.

I was out for a meal last night with my friends from the dancing group to celebrate three birthdays. I had a steak, very disappointing as it was quite gristly., and to add to it, I woke up at 5am feeling queasy, but fortunately it passed.

Another disappointment, when we went into the restaurant, they were putting up a Santa’s Grotto complete with letter box. it’s the first of October for heavens sake.

Not the best of evenings but normally they are good times.

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  1. I’m really sorry to hear about your phone problem Arlene. I’m also curious as to which network this was. I had exactly the same problem with my orange PAYG phone when I topped it up £10 recently and I’m fuming. Within hour and half of topping up, not using it at all and leaving it in handbag whilst I went off to work it was down to 89p of credit. When I tried to call Orange Customer Services it told me I had no credit and couldn’t make any calls till I topped up. I spoke to the Orange shop after work and they contacted customer services for me. They didn’t want to know, fobbed me off with excuses and did nothing. All I got from the shop was “these sort of phones are like that…” (smartphones) Not this one!!! I;ve had it 2 years + and it’s never been an issue ever. It’s a new sim card but it worked fine with the first £20 of credit on it so I have no idea what happened. Phone or sim fault? No idea. I’ve ditched the card and am getting a new mobile but I will go with 30 day rolling contract not PAYG!! If you find any answers let me know! And good luck with your next phone, it can’t happen twice surely!! 🙂

    • Hi Wolfie, so sorry to hear you too had problems, mine is Vodafone, and I have got it solved, I think, well I’m sure. I registered with their forum and put the problem on, I got a reply from two people one of whom gave me a link, which I went into and had live chat with someone, he then had to phone me as it was a bit complicated, The first £10 had apparently gone to the original number if anywhere, but the £2 I lost this week was by calling their help line which is premium rated, though I didn’t get help, to sum it up I have been credited with some of the money and a bar put on so I don’t accidentally get connected to the internet, which is £1 a day and can happen, so check you are disabled each time you top up, hope this helps a little.

  2. Gggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! I get really cross when they start putting out Christmas stuff this early…they don’t even start sneaking stuff out any more, it’s BANG! here’s all our Christmas merchandise!! We’ve only just left summer behind, the kids have only just gone back to school///for crying out loud, please let us have a bit of peace before we start thinking about such things! I want to enjoy autumn first, besides, by the time Christmas gets here, I am heartily sick of having it rammed down my throat!!

    So sorry for the rant, Arlene…I’ll go stand in the naughty corner shall I… 😉

    Hope you next evening out is much better,..X

    • LOL quite right Sandi, you echoed the sentiments of all of our party, so you will have company on the naughty step. thanks for stopping by. X

  3. Hi Arlene sometimes I think we are better off sticking to our old phones, especially if you only need it for calls and the odd text. I was thinking of updating mine but glad I didn’t.
    Going out for a meal is great with friends, but it only takes a tum upset hope you feel ok now, I enjoyed a Lasagne last Friday , but didn’t feel quite right afterwards.
    Our lovely garden centre are just putting up xmas stuff, it is very good but won’t be ready till mid October.
    Hope you Funeral goes well today, and the weather isn’t looking very good all round lots of rain .
    Hugs Sheila x

    • Hi Sheila, yes thanks the tummy upset did’t come to anything thankfully, I didn’t even have a sore tum, just that feeling like I wanted to throw up, It was peppered streak and it was a bit gristly,, not really worth £13 ! [I do like value for money]
      I expect our big posh garden centre, Stewarts, are getting ready for Christmas, I must admit they put on some brilliant stands. but way too early yet.
      The funeral went beautifully, and it didn’t rain, how lucky was that,
      Hugs to you and Lucy too XX

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