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This week

Hi folks, I’ve slipped behind a bit again, but I have a good reason, well I think it is, I’ve been looking after my friend Sue’s dogs since last Tuesday, I think I may have mentioned I was having them. They have been very good and the weather, thankfully, has been kind, it would have been hard work had it rained, four dogs means a lot of wet towels. Though it did rain for our pm walk, not too much at first but it got heavier so we cut it short, just in time.

Here is a couple of pics of them

This is Nettle on the left Strudel on the right ad Ruby in the background. .Ruby in the middle sept 2013

sue's three and ruby This one has got Widget in the middle and I managed to get Ruby to join in, she is not the most confident of dogs and needs a lot of coaxing.

Sue is flying back tonight and will be picking them up tomorrow sometime, bet they’ll go wild.

strudels winThis is Strudel when she won a Test B in Obedience competition, so proud of her and Sue, as she’s not an easy dog.

On a different subject, I read an advert for squeezing the last of the toothpaste form the tube, called ‘Tube – Wringer’ at a cost of £16 !! maybe I’m a tightwad but I just cut the top two inches off the tube, and scoop it out with the brush, I get about another 6 helpings out. £16, they must be bonkers.

Bye for now folks, Be good to yourselves. just in case no one else is. XX


  1. Hi Wolfie, I have a few to catch up too, I do like to reply to comments, and better late than never,
    and No, you can’t have Widget, she has been willed to me should the situation ever arise, God forbid, she is a sweetie, 12 years old now and still keeps up with the others.

  2. Congratulations Strudel! Love that photo, so cute 🙂 I’m still hopelessly in love with Widget!!! Still want to take home please!!
    I’m behind again too…as you’ve probably noticed! I’m trying but certain people in my life are being incredibly demanding on time at the moment and it’s making life very difficult on the blogging front. But I am working on it 🙂 Don’t seem to have had a minute to myself since I finshed my academic courses and now my week’s holiday next week has been deferred to a later date. Don’t really mind but it would have been a chance to catch up. Still.. I have a job! Who am I to winge! Have a lovely Thursday Arlene, Wolfie hugs 🙂

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