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Wednesday and Thursday things

Two posts in one here.    Wednesday the first full day with the pack it’s working out not bad, apart from a couple of days back along, it’s been many years since I’ve had to cope with so many dogs at once, but they’re good and well behaved in the whole. I’ve put a bell on Strudel as she is inclined to want to go bunny hunting, though she doesn’t go very far at least I can hear her.

Feeding time can be quite a juggling match as they are on different foods and quantities, with Strudel having medication.

I had my Art group in the afternoon so left them home as I didn’t want to leave four dogs in the car for too long, they were good as gold and just slept [I think]

The weather so far has held up. fingers crossed.

Thursday … Went to pick up Barney, so with FIVE dogs in tow we went to a large park near his place as they forecast rain, I gave them two circuits of the field and went shopping, The rain still hadn’t materialized before we got all the way home, so I stopped off at our usual walk and gave them another half hour. It worked well as they’d had enough exercise to allow me to sit here and catch up, aren’t they considerate??

We’ve just had our afternoon tea and biscuit so I’ll finish this off and go for our pm walk, Barney will be getting picked up at around 6pm. The rain started around  lunch time but is easing, and they have forecast warmer drier weather for the weekend YES!!!!! If so,  I may still be sane by this time next week.

Cavantina has just come on the radio and it brought tears to my eyes as it’s the second time they have played it in the past couple of days, Iris Williams sang it the day before yesterday. ‘He was beautiful’ is the opening line, and it was a song that I associated with my Jet, as it just summed him up, such a coincidence it should be played now on the anniversary or his death eight years ago. Oh well dry my tears and tend to the living, and tuck my darling boy’s memory back where it belongs, in the special place in my heart.

Bye for now folks, I hope I’ve kept you entertained for a short time.

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  1. Wow Arlene! You have your work cut out there 😉 And I bet you’re loving every minute of it!! I’m currently thrashing my way through a FREE Puppy Care course offered by an Animal Care College – online. Thought I knew all about this subject and it would be very easy and possibly boring but…oh no!! Just shows how wrong you can be! They make you work for the optional marking, grading, comments and certificate of responsible dog ownership!! So far I’ve covered everything from the pro’s and con’s of neutering, to what breed and why, what questions to ask a breeder (there’s loads!!!), what paperwork should you expect to be given with your pup….training…puppy socialisation classes….Ceaser Milan, the guy form Dogs Borstal and Victoria Strickwell….what do I learn from them? Not exactly easy since I haven’t had tv for 5 yrs to watch any of those programmes!…But basically you name it it’s in there!!! And at the end of it I’d better pass with a distinction!!!! Planning to move onto a full dog care/behaviour/training course when I figure out which one of the zillions of courses and colleges will serve me best….and what’s affordable! I also want to a veterinary course and a dog training instructors course…before moving onto studying for Marine Biology 🙂 But! I still think you have a lot more work on your hands than me with all those lovely dogs!!! 🙂 (Long comment here because connection’s playing up and won’t let me into your previous post tonight 🙂 )

    • I am impressed, Wolfie, how much fun that sounds, we didn’t have anything like this in my early days of dog training, you learned on the hoof as it were, by gut instinct, and from our trainers. I was fortunate and started up in the first place with a GSD which was the popular breed at the time, I was young, blonde and fairly pretty 🙂 just being factual, and I was taken under the wings of some very experienced trainers, two of whom were police dog handlers. They reckoned I had a natural way with dogs and were prepared to give me a lot of time and share their knowledge. That was in the mid 60’s a very different era.
      I’d love you to keep me up to scratch on how you’re doing.

      • I’d be only to happy to keep you informed Arlene 🙂 Interested parties are few and far between and it’s good to have a like minded friend. I think you had the best kind of training! These courses didn’t come into being till the early 1980’s. From the info supplies i think the Animal Care College was the one that ran the National Small Animal Care course I did at agricultural college years ago. I’ve submitted the first of 2 units to them for grading etc and expect to hear back soon. Though wasn’t impressed to find there was £25 charge for this – per unit and £5 for certification! £60 in total for both units. Wasn’t going to do it on principle – they don’t tell you till you’ve submitted. But I’d put too much time and effort and I want my certificates of Pet Dog Ownership. So assuming they do what they say with unit 1 I will submit unit 2 later. If they run off with my money there will be he’ll to pay!! The way of the wolf is never easy Arlene!

      • Sorry to be late with this reply Wolfie, I spotted it when you posted but it was late and I left it till I had more time then forgot, then remembered again, so sought it out.
        A friend of mine up in North Scotland took these courses and various exams, not cheap is it? but she passed and has the due qualifications, and now does all sorts, I’ll ask her if you like if she would care to correspond and compare notes with you, just let me know.

      • I had the same problem lol lost yours for ages before it showed up for a reply 🙂 No! The courses ate far from cheap! To be fair though there about the same as my others but they were mostly part or fully funded. Bar one i still haven’t got the certificate for which is concerning as the actual place is now shut down. Id love to compare notes with your friend! She sounds the ideal person in regards to such matters. Still not heard anything from that course i did. Hope it wasn’t a big mistake. But maybe im just too impatient 😉

      • Hi Wolfie, Caroline would be happy for you to get in touch with her, her name is Caroline Cece and email freebirds

  2. Hi Arlene gosh how many Dogs , such fun..Lets hope the weekend promise of good weather delivers . They hold such a special place in our hearts our Doggies. We will never forget them such beautiful memories will never die.
    Have a fun weekend xx Sheila

    • Hi Sheila, I’m coping 🙂 and the weather seems to be taking pity on me and is behaving,
      You too have a good weekend xx

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