Arlene and two adopted dogs.

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This is Tuesday

Trying to catch up folks, Monday was a bit bland so I’ve skipped it.

Caught up with the washing as the weather was favourable. Then went out  with Ruby to pick Barney up for his walk.

My friend Sue is going to America for  a holiday and I’m having three of her dogs., Widget,Strudel and Nettle. Tula is going to  another friend as four is enough for me plus  Barney on Thursday, so please bear with me if I fall behind with my post. and they arrived, all full of life and bounce, all I want is NO RAIN  and I can cope quite well.

Ruby just takes it all in her stride, she’s quite used to them and i’d imagine she just thinks, “as long as my Mum’s still around, life’s good”

It’s now Thursday so I’m going to try and recall what happened on Wednesday, bet I can’t.


  1. Hi Arlene 🙂 Finally got into this post and now I understand why you have a huge dog pack on your hands all of a sudden! Hope you’re enjoying some of our beautiful weather – well today was cloudy but yesterday was sunny and 20degrees 🙂 According to the phone it will be up to 24 degrees next week 🙂 And sunny! It has been wonderful to be warm again! Watched some of the Tour of Britain cycle race as it passed through today. Lots of fun and good atmosphere but can’t understand these people who drag their poor pooches along with them, usually stuffed under their arms or held up in the air on their backs whilst passers by paw at them. Makes me mad! Cocker spaniels, Daschunds, other little dogs….can’t their owners grasp that all those hundreds of bodies and feet are frightening them and with such sharper hearing than us all the noise was turning them into gibbering wrecks. On these occasions the family pet would be much safer and happier left at home!

    • I fully agree with what you say about these poor dogs Wolfie, I don’t like even to see these small dogs dragged through the streets, especially on market day, I think it’s just so thoughtless. I can count on one hand the times mine have been walked on the streets, the first was with Tarc, and when he decided to have a dump in the middle of Christchurch, I was mortified. Twice I took Tango to sit with me to have an ice cream in the open air cafe, but didn’t walk the streets.
      And yes I am enjoying the milder weather, I hope it lasts.

      • I think it’s ok at reasonable times if the dogs are acclimatised and trained to it from young and are of a disposition to cope. Like with guide dogs etc. But there’s a time and place and the dogs should be happy with it if it’s to work.

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