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Satisfying Saturday

Well folks this won’t be a long post, [now where have I heard that before] as I will be getting ready to go and visit my grand-daughter Sarah and her partner Ross in their new home, this afternoon.

Yesterday I had a baking session, I haven’t done that for a while, I took a fancy to make some pastry for a change, and made a Bakewell tart, it turned out not too bad if I say so myself.

also tried a new sponge recipe,  cocoanut and almond, and I topped it with cream cheese and icing sugar, blended with some cocoanut milk, we’ll see what the family say, but guess what? I liked it, I have to do a little taste and try before I offer up my efforts you see.

When I was picking blackberries the other day I got a thorn in my knuckle and it hurts, just thought I’d put that in for a sympathy vote.

The weather to-day is as miserable and grey as my mood, as to-day eight years ago My wonderful gentle Jet left this world to join my other dog jewels. We never had time or opportunity for a hug or to say goodbye, I rushed him to the vet, he disappeared inside in his arms as he was unconscious, and I never saw him again, he died before he could be diagnosed, I don’t know yet to this day what happened, all they said was he’d obviously had a bleed, as his gums were white. ??  after hearing a story from a dog walking friend who’s dog had similar symptoms,though survived  due to rat poisoning,  who knows. RIP my wonderful boy, you gave me twelve wonderful years.

In the evening I finished watching ‘Roots’ remember the TV series in the 70’s, it has been re worked and most enjoyable, I’ve been watching over a period of four weeks as it’s 11 hours worth of DVD’s well folks I’m off now to get a quick bite to eat and changed .

Catch you all later.Ross and Sarah at Rhianna's 15thSarah and Ross

my lovely JetMy Lovely boy.


  1. Mags Corner

    Hi, sweet Arlene I have wondered and wondered what happened to you. I am so glad I have found you again. I am so very sorry about your sweet Jet. I love Roots I have seen it a couple of times…I cry when I watch it. Hugs!

    • Hi Mags I am so glad to see you have also come back to visit me, I’m hoping to keep up my blogging so keep watching, I’ve got a couple of days to catch up with so I’ll get round to visiting soon [hopefully] hugs to you too XX

  2. RIP Jet… never gets any easier as the years pass somehow does it? He was a lovely looking dog. How hard to lose a dog and never be sure of the cause. That happened to one of our cats. We never did find out what caused it. I always wonder.
    I hope you had a lovely afternoon, despite the miserable weather, visiting Sarah and Ross. They look a great couple. I think you’ve earned a rest now with the videos!
    Bakewell tart is delicious 🙂 And you’re lovely sponge…did you eat it all when you had your taster?!! lol 😉 Paws crossed for warmer, sunnier week ahead! Wolfie hugs 🙂

    • No it doesn’t Wolfie, but the memories get sweeter. I posted about my visit, most enjoyable. And no I didn’t eat all of the cake. I read somewhere that a craving is satisfied with three bites ! Any more is gluttony, now wouldn’t that make you feel guilty?:-)

      • My cravings certainly aren’t satisfied with three bites! lol and I’m sure I wouldn’t feel in the remotest bit guilty if I chomped away on more of it!!! SluuuuuRRRRRP!!

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