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Friday Faffles

Morning folks.

I didn’t have a very good night last night, a vague tummy upset and jumbled up dreams woke me around 2 am. However the tummy ache came to nothing, I decided to read the current library book, The Rats. a rather scary chiller, though a bit far fetched, it’s about mutant black rats invading London and tearing people to bits, etc…

I finished it and realised I only had one book to read, mental note.  go to library in the morning.

The weather forecast rain coming from the West and arriving after lunch, well….lunch was early…. I decided to do the library first then take Ruby for her walk, got to there around 9.30 am and when I came out at 10, it was bucketing down, as I said… lunch was early.

A most embarrassing thing happened to me in the library, I put my books on the counter around 6 of them, the librarian checked them, and said ‘’I think this is yours’’ I nearly died, it was Fifty Shades of Grey, I turned fifty shades of beetroot, and muttered it was given to me and wasn’t it a load of tripe and juvenile rubbish and would they like it for the library !  ‘’No thank you’’ she said, I slunk out with a lopsided grin.

Got a bit wet running to the car, and got even wetter when I got to the dog walk, rummaging around looking for sturdy shoes and waterproof jackets and coat for Roobs. oh well the garden needed it, I took a brolly so it wasn’t too bad, As she doesn’t like the rain the walk was a short one.

Of course now that I am home and dried off, the sun is shining, if it keeps up I will try and clear up some more branches that I cut down yesterday, I’ve already filled two sacks.

Definitely an Autumn feel in the air, and the leaves are starting to drift off the trees, like butterflies dying, and just as poignant, I love some aspects of Autumn, so long as it’s not too cold or wet, but there is a very haunting beauty about it.

Well I’ve had some Orange squash and am sitting here listening to a tape of Andrea Bocelli , lovely voice, However this won’t get any work done so I’ll catch up later. keep dry.


  1. Hi Arlene 🙂 Had a bit of a tummy upset myself this week – nothing too drastic so long as I wasn’t more thant 30 sec’s running time away from the nearest ladies! lol but you know how these things are, wipe you out and had zero interest in going near the computer and 100% in crawling into my nice warm bed and praying for no more stomach cramps! That was followed by terrible weather and the connection refused to do a thing…so! For the next five min’s I am here, but it may shut down on me again since the weather is atrocious 😉

    I remember reading The Rats when I was at school…big mistake! It’s haunted me ever since! I was winding my cousin, over from Canada, up when we met up in London for the day and were running around the underground…she’d read it too so I had fun with that one 😉 Fifty shades of Grey eh Arlene?!! lol You dark horse you!! Yes I know…you said it wasn’t yours but….much more discrete on a Kindle!!! No embarrassment! I love Autumn too, but I hate this constant torrential rain and humidity accompanying it we are contending with right now…and I am eyeing my remaining sun screen lotion most mournfully! I will be back to catch up with the ones I missed, but the inbox is overflowing with blog notifications and the W/P reader is a source of dark despair in catch up terms!! 🙂

    • Hi Wolfie, I’m all behind again, 😦 Anyhow I hope your tummy lurgy is OK now I didn’t have any of that, just a vague uncomfortable feeling made worse by the fact I’d tried a new chicken recipe, so I think it was more imagination than anything.
      The weather here hasn’t really ‘broken’ yet, just lost that lovely sunny peaceful ambience of summer.
      I might try another of that authors offerings.
      When we went to the States my daughter had bought a kindle and told me after that she was reading 50 SoG , I wondered why she was fidgeting LOL.Bye for now

      • Lol 😉 No wonder she was fidgeting!! Ask her if you can borrow her kindle… 😉 Fidgeting is such fun you know!!! 😉

  2. Hi Arlene I read The Rats years ago , yes pretty chilling but very well written. I have half read Fifty Shades of Grey , can’t be bothered to carry on. Enjoy your weekend make the most of a relaxing one. xx

    • It ended on a bit of a cliffhanger didn’t it?
      TBH Fifty Sh….. was in our raffle early in the year, and being curious about all the hype, though not enough to shell out for it, i claimed it, and I genuinely thought it a load of tripe, started skipping paragraphs then pages till I too just gave up, though I had to give an account of it to our club. LOL I commented that there was nothing in it I hadn’t done, to much hilarity. I was joking.

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