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Thursday things.

Hi there , what a busy day I’ve had, had to fill the car with petrol, crikey I thought that the ticker had jammed!, I stopped it at £40 and it still had a bit to go, and I haven’t got a big car. oh well that should last me for about 4 weeks unless I go anywhere different.

Did a little shopping and walked Ruby, while we were out I picked some more blackberries, as the rain is becoming a bit more frequent, they will start to rot if they’re not picked, and it’s a crime [in my eyes] to let free food go to waste, A friend brought some apples in to club on Monday, so it will be Blackberry and Apple pie shortly. MMMMMMMmmmm.

Got home and as the weather had warmed up I felt some garden work was more sensible than indoor stuff., I had a plant needing to go in the ground so that got done, My soil is clay and it needed some rain to soften it up for digging. ,Job done.

Then I attacked the shrubs in my wild corner, some Escallonia and Honeysuckle all tangled up in one glorious mass, so 2 hours of hacking and pruning soon reduced that lot, though in between i consumed an Ice lolly and had a conversation with Karen on the phone.

After that little job out with Ruby again a jaunt along the cliff top and a natter with a dog friend , home for a hot bath, and sitting here in my nightwear getting things up to scratch.

Well that’s it for now folks, keep well and dry, as we are expecting rain tomorrow, that’ll be difficult.


  1. Bo BB and Apple yet Wolfie had other things to cook will blog them,
    storms are expected to-day though maybe not down this far south, battening down the hatches just in case.

  2. Good weather at last! We had a couple of hours of it and it was wonderful! Pleeeeeeeease save Wolfie some blackberry and apple pie! I so need cheering up and warming up! And the kitchen smells sooooooooo good full of your lovely cooking smells 🙂 Pruning followed by an ice lolly sounds like heaven right now! I hope more sunshine comes your way before the final flurry of autumn leaves fly high! 🙂

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