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Enter Autumn

Sad that the brief summer that we’ve had seems to have disappeared as quickly as it came. It was wonderful while it lasted, but ten weeks out of fifty two isn’t what I call an even balance., but what can we do? nothing……………………..Except try and find beauty in the changing face of Nature.

Here are a few photos of some of the flowers in my garden that have blossomed since the weather has cooled , I hope you enjoy them as much as I do

This sunflower is a self seed, probably from the bird seed that dropped from the feeder, there are another two not yet in bloom.

aug-sept 2013 015aug-sept 2013 023I have always grown Fuchsias I just love the variety of colour and petal formationaug-sept 2013 024aug-sept 2013 029 

The Passion Flower looks so exotic and the story referring to Jesus and his disciples   is fascinating,

       I love the simplicity of the Osteospernum, It’s so easy to grow and spreads well.

aug-sept 2013 033aug-sept 2013 034

Ever since my Mother told me that honesty only grows in an honest person’s garden, I’ve tried to keep some going in mine.aug-sept 2013 043aug-sept 2013 018This Ceratostigma [Plumbago] with the bee on, is my latest shrub, bees love itaug-sept 2013 053Cosmos are also easy, but I won’t grow them in a pot again, as they need constant watering’aug-sept 2013 054aug-sept 2013 027The Japanese Anemone is also another favourite.


  1. Oooh! What a lovely colourful treat reminding us of the happier sunshine days of summer 🙂 Your photos are great. I like early autumn normally, I was quite looking forward to all those changing leaves and the gorgeous autumn colours but so far it’s been wind, rain and grey cloudy days only! However 🙂 Thank you for bringing such lovely flowery bumblebee pleasures to us Arlene!

    • I don’t mind Autumn, in fact it can be quite lovely, so long as it’s not cold. , thanks for dropping by.

  2. I’ve also got lots of geraniums ad wild Campion, also Nasturtiums by the bucket load, I let them run to seed as the butterflies [whites] breed on them.I think it’s just luck if you have a few fertile seeds in the mix Sheila, the Passion flower is also self seeded, I had it in another part of the garden once, then it disappeared to re-surface right round the other side,
    Today has bee reasonably mild but rain is coming in tonight.
    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.hugs to you and Lucy {8}

  3. What abundant of colour you still have still Arlene . I wish my sunflower seeds would self seed , I,m always putting them out for the Birds. Fuchias aww! yes love these still have some here the red and mauve one’s. Passion flower I found these hard to grow wonder what your secret is. It’s drizzle here today fairly warm though , although rain for the weekend pity I wanted to crack on outside. Thank you for sharing your lovely flowers .
    Take care
    Hugs Sheila x

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