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The Weather

Hasn’t this been a fantastic summer? with temperatures averaging 28 degrees since early July, Some days have been so heart achingly beautiful, I have just lost myself in the sheer glory of warmth and sun. Island with a palm tree

To-day , well, what a change, a drop of about 10 degrees with heavy burst of rain and gusts of wind. Sad smile As I speak the sun has peeped out to say Hi ,………. please stay., but he won’t.

I got up early this morning to take the dogs out planning to walk down the Bunny to the beach,  even though a big black cloud  loomed up from the west, I got out of the car walked about 100 yards  and  splash ! down it came.Storm cloud we hung around under the tree canopy for a while with rain dripping off the trees, joggers and other dog walkers passed by soaked, It eased slightly so we carried on, but it was not pleasant, I had a couple of sojourns up and down the bunny keeping under the trees.

I was hoping to pick some more blackberries but that was a no no, I hope to get some more before they finish, and stock up the freezer, for some lovely Apple/Blackberry crumble in winter. Mmmmm

We’ve had a real glut of butterflies during the heatwave, mostly whites, I let my Nasturtiums self seed each year and they love it for laying eggs., I planted a new Buddleia, a deep purple, but it hasn’t done as well as the self sown  shrubs that are alive with butterflies. I’ve a good mind to ask for my money back.

Anyhow I’ve rambled on long enough. Please, please Mr Sun  don’t leave us yet, or it’s going to be a long miserable winter, and after last year’s I don’t think I could take it, Crying face

Lotsa luv from me and Ruby, oh and Barney, he’s here for his holidays till Wednesday.


  1. I think looking out of the window, that we really can say good bye to summer, or to what we had. [great wails and sobs here] we haven’t had a lot of rain just cold winds, being so near the coast we always have this chill factor., oh well roll on next year.

  2. It’s been a awesome summer and now I’m in mourning for the lost sunny days and that lovely warmth…gazing grief stricken at the remainder of my sun screen lotion, feeling miserably and darkly depressed in this cold, rainy, wintry weather 😉 It’s horrible! And now I’m all argumentative and cold and falling out with everyone!! Woeful! I should think your poor plants are drowning in all this rain and it doesn’t sound as if you’re faring too well either! I share your sentiments about not being able to take it after last winter…and I don’t even feel like doing much with W.P such is my misery!! And yes… I think you should take your Buddleia back and give them a right wintry mouthful too!!! Hugs to you, Ruby and the holidaying Barney 😉

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