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The birthdays

Hi there the title should give you a clue as to what this post is about, yes…. birthdays, mine and my elder daughter, mine was 13th August and Arlene on 17th which was Saturday. The weather had been a bit uncertain but the weathermen  said Sunday was going to be warm, so we thought to celebrate then.

The family came up by my place first there was Arlene and hubby Martin, oldest girl Lisa and husband Jon, Grand-daughter Nicola and her son Tommy, grand-daughter Sarah, younger daughter Karen and four dogs including Ruby.

After a walk through Mudeford woods we reached the bridge and had some fun showing Tommy how to play poo sticks with the dogs, who enjoyed it too, Ruby won’t go in the water !!

Then we went back to Arlene’s for tea, sandwiches scones and cakes and presents, with me receiving a birthday cake of cupcakes with candles, lovely !.

from there we went out for a meal in the evening and I got home around 9.30 pm, after a lovely day. I do love these family birthdays. and am so grateful so have such a close and loving one.

here’s a few pics.

If the pics don’t show et me know as it was C&P

Where’s the poo sticks gone?

Thank you for visiting and please come back, Arlene, Tango and Ruby


  1. Happy belated birthday Arlene! What fun to have two birthdays together like that! Looks like you had a really good day and it’s great to see you’re sharing it over here 🙂 I was going to pop over and pay you a visit at the other place when I finish my final exam next week, but for now I am still bogged down with assignments (disaster at the moment! – 2 days so far to answer 4 questions – databases) and revision. When these are complete and I’ve had a break to sort out a new laptop etc I’m planning to take some animal care, and dog training courses which will supply me (hopefully!) with a separate set of qualifications. They’re based on coursework and continual assessments so no sitting exams. It’s all online so I need to figure out what college/acadamy etc is safe to go through…don’t want them disappearing with my cash do I lol 😉 They’re A-level standard courses and I will have to write reports in the dog courses….so be on standby as I will likely be hassling you and picking your brains for help and information right, left and centre! Can’t think of anyone anywhere near as well qualified to look to as your good self Arlene 🙂 So don’t go disappearing anywhere! I will need you!! 🙂 Wolfie howls and hugs 🙂

    • Hi Wolfie, thank you for your reply, though I don’t know that I deserve it after such a long period of neglect.
      Since Arlene has got married we usually share our birthday at the closest weekend, it’s nice.
      You have been [ and still are] very busy, good luck with your exams, and I do hope they will be worthwhile and secure you a good position.
      I’ll be happy to help you with your dogstuff if I can, just ask.
      Well it’s gone 10pm and I’m off to bed now, take care and take it easy.

      • Ooh Arlene! If you think you’ve had a long period of neglect what about Wolfie!!!! When was the last time I prised open the door to the other site and looked in on you and my other friends over there?! Daren’t even think about it!! It is however very interesting that you chose to post here when you did…I had been thinking about you a lot of late, possibly because of my pre-occupation with all things dog lol 😉 and had been battling to clear the decks as it were long enough to pop over and check you out – make sure you were still in blogging world for starters! Just as well you are otherwise I’d have been howling long and loud outside your back door lol 😉 And lo and behold, here you are! On this side of the blogging coin no less 🙂 What more could a Wolfie ask for!!! 🙂

  2. Hi Sheila, thanks for your welcome comment, I guess I’ll just have to accept that the feedback from blogging isn’t as instant or proific as FB, but I do enjoy doing it, so I’ll try and continue. Yes I do like having a birthday in August, especially when I was younger and it fell in the school holidays.! plus with luck we always manage to do some outdoor things. keep well love to Lucy, hope you’re both enjoying the sunshine, sheer bliss 🙂

  3. It’s sounds just great Arlene , August is also a good time for a Birthday. Doing the things you mentioned above , spashing about in water , kids I mean and family around you. Mine is in December so no such luck there , but cosy Lunch and a brisk walk instead.
    Great you made the most of it sounds lovely. Arlene,
    Good to see you writing again..
    Enjoy the remainder of This Lovely August , Love to you and dear Ruby.
    Sheila 🙂

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