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Bit of this and that

I know I haven’t done any blogging for a while, though quite a bit has happened in the past couple of months, nothing extra-ordinary, but it had taken my appetite off blogging,  also this cold weather just makes me feel so miserable.

As you may recall before Christmas October actually] I lost my little special friend Tango, Christmas came and we had a bit of a shock with a family member, which among other things lost me a fair sum of money.

Then at the end of January I lost my brother, next I had to have an operation to have a bit of sun damaged skin removed from my head, as they can be cancerous, that was pretty painful and thankfully they’re sure it’s all gone, here is a photo of me after the op

it looks like I’ve been shot, doesn’t it.  It’s taking some time to heal. About four days after the op I had to travel up to Edinburgh for my brother’s funeral, My head was quite swollen and throbbed continually. It took two attempts to take out the stitches.  Just a timely warning folks, If you are fair skinned with blue or grey eyes, in fact Celtic colouring, be very careful about being in the sun. I don’t sunbathe but it was enough to give me these basal cell carcinomas, It was the size of a pimple, but wept ever so slightly, a tiny secretion the size of a pinhead, but it was enough for my doc to send me to have it cut out.

Anyhow got over that lot and the other night we had a power cut for almost a whole day, no heat or light on one of the coldest days of the year. A couple of weeks ago some  low life went int the back of my car and cracked the bumper quite badly, he/she never left their details.

Next thing, my boiler has decided to give up the ghost. that was yesterday. Oh well maybe things will improve like the weather, which was almost springlike to-day.

Keep well and see you soon


  1. Just a test, ignore.

  2. I do hope things get better for you very soon

  3. Phil Gayle_For Singles and Couples

    Wow Arlene you have been through it.
    Sorry to visit and read such sad new…I hope things turn around for the better for you.
    Have a good weekend. 🙂

  4. Well!! I thought I was having problems! You really have been having a rough time of it haven’t you? I’m so glad you got treatment for that little problem but your poor head did look very much like you’d just been shot! I hope you’re feeling much better now. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been going through all these unpleasent experiences and I couldn’t agree more that the cold wet weather adds to the miseries. Hopefully spring is now on the way! The bad weather has been playing havoc with my internet connection too. It’s been running at such a slow pace nothing would load and I couldn’t get into W.P for love or money. To add insult to injury my internet mobile packed up 2 months before the upgrade date so i haven’t been able to get on that way either. I’m hoping to get a new one when I go up North to visit my family on Thursday. My printer also decided to stop working at a vital moment the day before the phone packed up (battery dying) causing no end of problems with my coursework assignments – couldn’t print them out and couldn’t access them online! But, none of that sounds very significant compared to what you’ve been going through,. Hoping things will vastly improve for you very soon 🙂
    Wolfie hugs 🙂

    • Hi Wolfie, nice to hear from you and thanks for your sympathy, but TBH, annoying though some of it was it’s not the end of the world, the older you get the more pragmatic you become. It was the deceit more than anything that hurt, but hey ho, I don’t have to live with what he does..
      My head is slowly improving, I did go back to the doc as I thought it wasn’t healing right, but she assured me tt would take around 5/6 months., i’m not going to spend money on my car as it’s just 18 mths old and I doubt if I’ll have another, it hasn’t interfered mechanically.
      The loss of tango was the most upsetting obviously.
      I hope you get you internet problems sorted and you can get on with your projects, I won’t be posting on blogger or WP much as I just feel it’s a waste of time, but……I lady has got a right to change her mind, so never say never, take care and chat soon.

  5. The cutting wind On Monday froze me to the bone !! I heard the temps are rising Saturday , get your bikini out!! XXXX

    • It’s not before time Sheila, I, like everyone, have had more than enough of winter. I want to see a photo of you in your bikini first. LOL

      • HA HA !!

    • Yhey didn’t rise as much as they’d said they would Sheila, to-day was quite nice, spent time gardening, then a mist came down. so off down the tip with the rubbish and indoors relaxing…knackered actually. LOL

  6. HI there Arlene, I was overcome when I read this on Blogger, and after reading it again it underlines the fact that so many thing get ready to drop by and trip us up in this life, but why do they come together…as if they’re queuing up? .. I know it shows we’re alive, but for goodness sake, lets have a break and something to look forward too, like a blazing hot summer, ‘twould help a bit…. Hugs to you, lovely friend, … and woofs to Ruby Tuesday…. The future has to bring better things… Healing times and happier times ,,, xPenx

    • Thanks Pen, I’m hoping that I’ve had my run, and pass the baton to someone else, God help them, but I’ve got a good family and little Ruby doobs. life could be worse, hugs to you from us two XX

  7. I hope things pick up soon for you Arlene as things surely couldn’t get any worse.. Sad about Tango and your brother, no wonder you’ve not been blogging for a while. My condolences to you Arlene xxx

    • Thank you and I’m sure Lady Luck will smile on me again, soon I hope, take care X

  8. Arlene you have been through the mill what with one thing after another. So sorry to hear about your loss. I do hope the rest the year is a better one for you. Things come in bundles like this tend to bring us down. Take care and here’s hoping for a long hot summer , we could certainly do with it.
    Hugs Sheila xx

    • Thanks Sheila, things will improve, like the weather, hopefully, though it’s not exactly summer or even spring, that cutting evil wind is not so bad, just drizzle now. sigh. Hugs to you from me n Ruby XX

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