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All in a day’s work…and the rest

Actually in all it was more than one day, but an accumulation of hours. I was trying to renew my car insurance., What a palaver. I was of course sent a quote by my current one for an automatic renewal., and as I usually do I went on line to do some comparison hoping to cut it down. 

After a couple of hours here and there I sorted one out £30 cheaper and went ahead, by the time I’d filled in and corrected all the boxes then read the T&C’s I timed out, twice. I managed to get past that and spent a good part of this afternoon finalising it, I decided to phone and give card details rather than online, and was told it would be more expensive…….OK I went back to paid online. then printed off the Policy. I got an email, Thank you for your custom da,da,daa, BUT could you please forward by email attachment a current No claims discount from present insurer. also your current driving license back and front, Oh oh I mislaid my driving license way back sometime last year, and as it would cost £20 to have a re-issue I was advised by the DVLA to leave it till my birthday when it will be renewed automatically. The ins co, wouldn’t accept the paper copy. In the meantime I received an email from my current insurer asking why i didn’t want to renew, I said I’d got a cheaper quote….Let’s see what we can do for you, she said, of course she came back with a lower price after asking me what I’d been offered. I don’t have to supply my license or NCD as they have them. done. The irony is that it is the same firm that I’d got the other quote from but it was through a broker. 

The afternoon is all but done and I’ve done nothing worthwhile, I don’t feel like going out again with Ruby as it’s -2 deg and still got a covering of snow with flurries, I’ve cancelled my dancing, WHERE IS SUMMER??


  1. Don’t worry Arlene! Summer will come…Wolfie knows these things…we just have to have barrel loads of patience and try to avoid doing too many rain dances in the kitchen whilst waiting for the baking 😉 I’m sure it’s colder than on Europa right now but we will survive 😀 I love your tale of the car insurance! I have similar issues at the end of my mobile phone contracts and it’s amazing how much they’ll discount if you tell then you’re leaving the network lol Only problem this time is that whatever they offer will be on a 2 yr contract and they can stick that where the sun don’t sure! But no doubt they will try 🙂

  2. Definitely a palaver Arlene, and it’s the same with any insurance when you search for a saving, you pay for it in ragged nerves after everything’s finally sorted out… We had a change in House Insurance, and then found that Direct Line, (the one Stephen Fry and countless others got paid for advertising)… charges interest on your payment if you pay monthly, even by Direct debit…. so when we thought we’d got a cheaper quote. … it ended up much dearer… Insurance is money for old rope, my Mum used to say… 😉 … The snows finally disappearing hereabouts… but it’s still flipping cold…Winters still got us in it’s steely grip methinks… Hugs and Woofs to you an’ Ruby Tuesday… (not mentioning anything else!!)… xPenx

  3. Sounds familair I lost my driving licience and payed £20 on-line , back in 2010. I needed it to fly up to Newcastle so needed it quickly.. My Insurer was more than I exspected so changed to Swift good deal and saving. Yes I had to send a copy of my no claims also Arlene. Good to shop around , glad you got a better deal in the end.
    -2 c here bitter cold wind bites your face aww!! Hope you and Ruby are keeping warm, Hugs Sheila x
    My daffs out the front garden have made appearance not the around perimeter though.

  4. I know the answer Arlene, the summer is here in New Zealand, it’s so hot at the moment we having drought weather….

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