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Time to catch up, 

The weather has been playing tricks with us lately, after the cold and windy period we had two days of rain, now the sun is shining out of a clear blue sky as I speak and it’s quite mild, BUT ‘they’ have forecast a return to very cold weather next week.

Last night we had a family meal fourteen of us, to celebrate Sarah my grand-daughter’s 20th birthday which was on Wednesday, a jolly good evening it was. 

Tonight it’s the monthly games evening at the church hall , and to-morrow being Mothering Sunday, we are gathering at Karen’s for lunch. I think it will be bread and water for the next week or so. 

A short while ago I posted about books and how much I love them. 

To-day I went to the local library to return last sessions. among them was an autobiography by Frank Sinatra’s last wife Barbara.

He was a wonderful singer, but by all accounts a very difficult man to work and live with. I didn’t know he spent so much money for charity, though it’s no big deal when you’re worth millions, [maybe I’m being uncharitable here].  Her life seemed to consist of spending money buying trinkets and very expensive presents having an attending lush parties and jetting around, altogether it came across as a bit of a shallow existence

To-day I chose an Autobiography by Sarah Ferguson Duchess of York,  Prince Andrew’s ex wife, 

 ‘That Woman’ a biography by Anne Seba of Wallis Simpson .who married Edward V111 forcing him to abdicate the throne. A autobiography by Andy Williams called Moon River & Me, he was a wonderful crooner.

and what looks like a good little read called A Time Remembered, by Richard Walker,  the authors tale of four magical years during the war [1937-44]  in Dyfed Wales. I have a couple of chapters to read of a book from the last library journey, again about the war, and the LVD’s but a story fiction based on fact. It’s been a good read. Well that’s about it folks. I’m off online [?] to sort out my car insurance.

Oh and just to mention a good and dear friend of mine Madge, has won Crufts Obedience with her bitch Trendy. I am so pleased for her, it’s about time as she’s come second on a couple of occasions. 


  1. Congratulations to Madge and Trendy! I’ve been so torn about whether to go to Crufts this year but in the end common sense prevailed one way or another and I’ve decided to wait for the London Pet Show which is somewhat nearer and great fun too 🙂 But first there’s a cat show next Saturday and I love the chance to cuddle furry little felines that I’d never normally get to see!

    Re Frank Sinatra….I thought all men were difficult to live with!!
    You have some very interesting books there…do let me know how you get on with them and if there’s anything you specially recommend 🙂 Any excuse to use my kindle fire thingy!

    We’re prep’ing for the ice and snow’s return tomorrow…my connection’s playing up – sure sign of bad weather on it’s way! Just hope it doesn’t stop me getting to my maths course tomorrow, I’ve got an assignment to get in and I didn’t spend the whole day today on it not to get it in when planned!! So snarls Wolfie!! Stay warm and try not to get frostbite…it’s nearly spring Arlene!!
    Wolfie hugs for you and Ruby 🙂
    ….oh! And if you’re doing any baking anytime soon…sLuuRRrrrP! Well it is going to be cold and it does sound like a very delicious idea!! 🙂

    • Hi Wolfie, well the predicted snow an cold has come with a vengeance, so a quick walk with Roobs to-day and indoors for the rest of it. This will be the first time I’ve missed Crufts in over forty years, and it had to be when my friend won!
      Enjoy your cat show, I do like them till they start stalking my birds and poo in my garden, so no pusscats for me.
      #Good luck with your exam, maths ? I’m no good there, English, yes. I’ll keep you posted on the books but I don’t read fast. only at bedtime since I’ve been on social media. 🙂
      No baking for a week or two as I’ve over indulged lately and still have some in the freezer, but curled up with a good book and a home made cake, what could be nicer. Take care and thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hi Arlene, yes it is forecast to get colder 😦 I am ready for a hot blast of air from the south.
    Sorry but never liked any of the rat pack.
    Take care now and keep warm.
    Kenny 🙂

    • And they were not wrong Kenny it is a bitter cold day with sleet. Brrrrrrrrrrr
      And I know what you’re saying about the rat pack, a very doubtful crowd of guys. Look after yourself.
      Thanks for callling.

  3. I always cringe when I hear of a tell all book on someone famous, Arlene… But I suppose no-one is a saint, (other than Mother Teresa) and having watched a piece about Frankie boy on TV, saint he was not. The Mafia controlled him, and countless others…… I’m reading a book called ‘The Final Act of Mr Shakespeare’ … Slow going at the moment, but I’m getting there. I used to make it a rule that once started I must finish a book, but gave that up ‘cos life’s too short methinks… … Congrats to Madge, and Trendy of course, (what a fantastic name)… Happy weekend wishes to you and Ruby Tuesday, with hugs from me…(and near silent woofs I can hear in the distance)….. xPenx

    • Hi pen, nice to see you’re keeping up with WP and blogging, I almost gave up a while ago.
      I’ve read a lot of as you say ‘tell all’ books, some good and apparently honest, and some very contradictory . And I agree Frankie seemed to be a troubled soul. I hope you enjoy the rest of Mr Shakespeare let me know. Thanks for congrats to M&T, she owned a dog that from a previous litter to Tango, same parentage, it’s how we got to be friends, Another good awuaintance of mine won the dog ticket, Mary Ray who does a lot of Heelwork to music,….oh how I’ll miss my dog shows. and you gave my heart a tug with your final sentence 😦 love from me’n’Ruby X

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