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More than enough.

I’ve had enough of … Wellies ,gloves, scarves, waterproofs, fleeces ,thermals, woolly tights, oversocks, muddy boots ,umbrellas, anoraks, woolly jumpers, ear muffs, and all the paraphernalia that we have to wear to keep warm in the winter.

It has gone on too long and well out-stayed it’s welcome, not that I particularly welcome winter anyway.

I’m longing to be able to be able to bend down when I drop something, tie up my laces without  having to fumble with cold fingers, to go out for a walk without looking like Nanook of the North. Be able to walk up the steps without getting out of breath because I have got fifteen pounds of clothes on.

I want to pop on a T shirt or blouse, a pair of cotton trousers, flip flops, essential undies and go walk free and easy. PLEASE summer hurry up, we need you.


  1. Oh yes Pen, where would we be without the ‘essentials. and none of your itsy bitsy briefs, I think it’s big girl kni***rs and thermal vests. 🙂 even Ruby has to have her extra thick coat on these days for her outings. The sun came out at lunchtime today and helped a tiny bit, but prior to that it seemed colder than ever., Rain is forecast on Wed. Oh the wonderful British weather. Hugs back from me and Ruby to all XX

  2. Oooh I do share your sentiments Arlene! I am so fed up with the freezing biting cold and the enforced wearing of billions of layers of clothes and scarves and frostbite of the wolfie paws…not to mention the earache that attacks after 5 min’s in the cold…I am bored with my “winter uniform” – the only clothes that keep me warm enough and I miss wearing all those nice wolfie outfits gathering moth balls in my wardrobe!! Roll on summer! Actually spring would do! It would be lovely!

    Warming Wolfie hugs 🙂

    • Hi Wolfie, i don’t care what they call it Summer/Spring whatever, just let it be warm.

  3. Morning cold here blue skies very hard frost last night. BRRR ! I seem to feel the cold much more now and I think it’s the same as we get older. I am just hoping with bated breath my poor old Daffs which I planted haven’t withered with all the rain we got back in Jan/FEB Arlene..Doesn’t seem to anything happening except for one miniature !!
    Off for a walk soon have a lovely Sunday.
    xSheila x

    • Hi Sheila, I’ve always felt the cold and now that heating gets more and expensive I dread the future, unless we really DO have global warming. My daffs aren’t doing much either. a few crocus’s or is it croccii. ? I have a nice Daphne odorata, which is in bloom but I think the cold has frozen the odorata bit. LOL Keep warm.

  4. Glad you included the essential undies, Arlene, 🙂 … I think we all have a touch of seasonal SAD’s…We’re in need of those rays of wonderful uplifting sunshine…. Mayhap if we all plead together it’ll come sooner… Woofs and warmest of hugs,, from me to you ‘n’ Ruby Tuesday… xPenx

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